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13 top apps for professionals

13 top apps for professionals

There are some great apps around that can support you to work faster, better and smarter. 

Here's our pick of the best that will help you stay more organised and feel less stressed, while providing you with inspiration and thoughts for different aspects of your work life.

Almost all are free and can be instantly downloaded on your iOS or Android device.

Pocketbook (Android & iOS) – Free

Pocketbook is a great app that will help you manage your personal finance.

It lets you auto-sync with all the major banks in Australia making it very convenient to manage your budget and keep track of expenses.

Pocketbook has another great app for tax time: Tax Return by Pocketbook (iOS).

Receipts by Wave - Free

Save and manage all your paper receipts as soon as you get them with this app.

Your receipts will be organised for use and you can then recycle the physical one's.

Skype - Free

One of the most widely used apps for communicating in the world, Skype is a very handy tool for work collaborations.

It lets you video chat with multiple people simultaneously, share screen, IM and also call mobile or landline numbers.

LinkedIn  – Free + Optional Paid

Most businesses and business people are on LinkedIn.

The latest LinkedIn app is much faster, intuitive and interactive with some great features that will manage and grow your professional network.

With this, you can follow thought leaders, influencers, businesses and industry-specific groups to gain top insights and inspiration to manage your career.

LinkedIn also offers a paid learning service called Lynda, which you can download as an app to learn anything from coding to calligraphy.

Google Calendar – Free

This app in both iOS & Android is packed with features that will work as your time management assistant - for free.

It keeps track of your appointments and events in an easy to use and read format – week-wise or month-wise – along with a number of options for setting up events, syncing with colleagues or family and getting reminders.

The app runs smoothly on iOS devices; for Android, it syncs beautifully with Maps, G-suite and everything else for a well-functioning system around your time.

Microsoft To-Do - Free

Recently launched, this is a great to-do app that will help you keep track of your tasks.

It connects with Office 365.

It might replace Wunderlist, another to-do app in the near future - as that was bought by Microsoft in 2015 – so this is the time to start using it.


This magazine-style app curates news around specific topics so you can catch up on all things that matter to you and your industry.

Passions range from workouts, recipes, electric vehicles, crafts and many more – select what matters to your professional life and stay updated.

NRMA Insurance

Having your important insurance docs handy on your phone will save you a lot of hassle when the need arises so download the app and have it ready to use.

Tinyreminder – Free + Paid

Sending out reminders can be a big chore during work but it is necessary.

The Tinyreminder app automates the reminding process for you, sending custom-created reminders to acquaintances or clients until the task is done.

TED - Free

TED talks are “ideas worth sharing” and an excellent way to spend commute time to and from work listening to some of the best speakers in the world.

Duolingo – Free

Duolingo is a language-learning app is especially useful for people who travel regularly, or communicate with teams and people of different backgrounds.

Easy to follow, quick lessons will help you speak, listen and translate many languages.

Pzizz – Free

With a packed work schedule, getting to sleep can be a struggle for some people.

If you struggle to get some shut eye, this app will make your life a lot easier.

Set the sleep cycle based on your needs for a full night’s sleep or a power nap, and let the features of this app help you.

Snapseed (iOS and Android) Free

A very powerful tool that is used by photographers and Instagrammers.

Snapseed is available in both iOS & Android and makes it easy to edit photos, add filters and share them for your social media or work needs.

Do you have a favourite app for work? Let us know in the comment section below.

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