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3 quick stress-busting meditations

3 quick stress-busting meditations

Work can be (very) stressful at times.

A great antidote can be practising mindfulness, which is where you bring your attention to one thing in the present moment.

It's been proven to help with stress and anxiety and is currently very popular as a way of helping people to relax.

Which is why we’ve found three super-quick mindfulness meditations that are so simple you can do them at your desk in less than a minute.

1. Breathe it out

Next time you’re feeling particularly frazzled at work, take a minute to lower your eyes and just become aware of your breathing for the next 60 seconds.

You don't have to do anything, just bring your complete attention to your breath and the rise and fall of your chest.

Note how you feel at the end of 60 seconds – you might find your breathing has slowed and you are more grounded.

2. Take a bite break

Take a raisin, small piece of chocolate, a nut, a grape – any snack you have on hand – and pop it in your mouth.

Take the next minute to mindfully eat it.

Notice the way it feels in your mouth - the way it feels against your tongue.

Resist the tempation to eat it quickly, rather turn it over inside your mouth a few times, savouring it.

Think about the flavours, where the food has come from, the way it interacts with your taste buds.

By doing this, you bring your senses immediately back into the present moment, grounding you.

If you want, you can do this for your entire lunch break.

3. The mindful minute meditation

Grab your headphones, plug them in and put on this quick YouTube meditation.

It’s great for grounding you and re-setting those stressful vibes.

You can also get a mindfulness app on your phone so you can make space for chilling out at different points during your day.

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