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The fastest growing careers

The fastest growing careers

The job market is constantly evolving. Think about it. Ten years ago no-one considered social media a career option, and now community managers get paid for posting on Facebook!

Part of having a long and successful career is making sure you’re qualified for roles that are in high demand.

So what are the projected work growth areas?

According to The Hudson Report for Q3, 2015, hiring sentiment in Australia, (what roles companies are looking to recruit for) is showing both growth - especially for financial services, and contraction - in areas like mining and resources. 

So what work sectors are ripe with opportunity, both now and for the foreseeable future?

In demand skills - now

A surge in business investment and population growth in Australia is driving demand for skilled tradespeople and specialised professionals. Some of the careers that are on fire now, are:

  • Education: A booming population and the need for a highly skilled workforce means teachers and tutors are highly sought after. The Department of Employment projects nearly 59,000 new jobs in the next 5 years.
  • Construction Trades: Get ahead – get a trade. Why? Because bricklayers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, joiners, drainers, electricians, fibrous plasterers, floor finishers, gasfitters, painters, roof tilers, solid plasterers and stonemasons are all highly sought after right now.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Specialist talent in digital and data analytics is in high demand. The ability to digest and interpret big data sets for companies seeking a competitive edge can also command top-dollar salaries.
  • Office support: The numbers of new Australian companies registering with the ASX to be listed and floated are very healthy, and with new companies comes a demand for not only new top level management, but also new support staff in areas like customer services roles with SAP; legal secretaries and personal assistants.
  • Design and Architecture: From film animation to building design to website construction, the need for skilled professionals in these areas has been dramatically increasing with job growth at almost 18% over the previous five years according to The Australian Government Job Outlook.

Hot jobs - the future

Some job sectors have huge long-range potential for growth.

A good example is digital. As all things online technology continues to grow, the need for a ‘super skilled’ web workforce will also increase.

There are other career paths that job seekers should look to acquire skills in to ensure future employment success, including:

  1. Healthcare: An increasingly long-lived society is expected to cause a massive shortage in skilled nurses over the next 10 years - creating a wealth of opportunity for health professionals, according to the NSW Government.
  2. Cyber Security: A reliance on cloud computing by more companies will see the need for skilled information security officers and digital risk officers increasing over the coming years.

A career strategy

If you're wanting to land a great job in one of the fastest growing job sectors, Karen O’Connell-Shea at, All Things HR, recommends you, “Keep up to date with your knowledge and skills and build specialist expertise.

Don’t underestimate your network; there's a lot of loyalty amongst peers. They are the ones who know your skills best and are often happy to help your career development by recommending you for opportunities.”

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