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What is the best day to work from home?

What is the best day to work from home?

Studies have shown that staff who work from home at least some of the week are happier and more productive than their office-bound peers.

And with workplaces becoming more and more flexible about individual work arrangements, more people than ever before are considering working a day or two from the comfort of their couch.

One big question remains however – if you’re considering a work-from-home day, which day should you choose to get the best out of the arrangement?

Friday on my mind

While Fridays are undoubtedly a popular choice, this piece of information might make you reconsider: Some research suggests people who work remotely on a Friday are less likely to be promoted, due to the perception that they are nicking off early to get a start on the weekend and so not actually doing any work. 

According to Business News Daily, Tuesdays are statistically the most productive days of the week.

The theory goes that Mondays are often spent bogged down in starting back up after the weekend, so employees really get revved up and productive on their second day back in the swing of things.

Another theory is that one of the greatest wellbeing benefits of working from home is the fact that there is no commute – which means reduced stress and better long term happiness.

Happy hump day 

For this reason, you might want to consider Wednesday as an option – which means that you’ll only ever have to do the commute for two days in a row before you get a break.

Ultimately, the best day to work from home will depend on your individual needs and those of your family, but it’s worth remembering that even though mid-week remote work is less popular, it might just be the most beneficial option.


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