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Why tradies need Public Liability Insurance

Why tradies need Public Liability Insurance

Tradies are by their nature, hands on. 

Being out and about getting the job done means that often they don’t get round to sorting out the business side of their business, including their insurance. 

But Public Liability Insurance needs to be a priority.

Damage or injury

No matter how great a tradie is at their job not everything in a workplace is under their control.

In the unfortunate case of a serious injury or damage to property, their business could be left shouldering the burden of any costs associated with the accident – if they don’t have the right cover.

If you're a tradie and are not sure about Public Liability Insurance here's some essential information.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business from any claim for accidental damage caused to either an individual or their property as a result of your work.

While all policies are different, essentially Public Liability Insurance covers:

  • Lawyer fees
  • Medical costs
  • Repair bills
  • Compensation in the events of an accident on your business premises where someone gets injured or has their property damaged.

Why do Tradesman need Public Liability Insurance?

Any experienced tradesperson will agree that no matter how cautious you are and how strict the safety rules are, accidents on the job still happen.

Consider the occupational risk

It’s part of the industry and the workers are well aware of it, but the risk of getting injured needs to be considered.

As a business owner, the protection of Public Liability Insurance keeps you covered and protected in worst-case scenarios.

Bills can add up quickly

Spend time in an emergency room or get admitted into a hospital and you will understand how quickly you can end up owing several thousand dollars or more.

Even lesser injuries can be expensive, because without Public Liability Insurance your business is now responsible to cover the costs of:

  • Medical visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Physical therapy sessions

Unfortunately, it’s not just medical bills that a business has to worry about.

Without insurance, you could also be on the hook for the damages to someone’s property, car, or damage to their belongings.  

Protect yourself and your employees

When you own a business, it’s not just your own interests that need consideration, but their impact on your employees too.

Unexpected events, costs and losses can have devastating effects on a business that's unprepared for them. 

So don't get caught out - find out more about Public Liability Insurance and make sure you're covered, so you can get on with doing what you're good at.

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