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The calm in a storm.

The calm in a storm.

A strong sense of community defines Australia and Australians.

It was this sense of community, a desire to give back, that inspired Tim to join the SES.

In It Together

For two and a half years Tim has worked diligently with the SES, serving both his local community and, when needed, the larger Australian community.

Inspired by the dedication of a friend who had begun volunteering, Tim didn’t hesitate to throw up his hand, roll up his sleeves, and give back.

“I just wanted to do something in the community, and now two and a half years later, here I am.”

Handy in a Pinch

The skills Tim has learnt with the SES come in handy day to day, while he’s working to support homeless Australians by providing them with the means to get back on their feet.

Patrolling the streets to offer support to vulnerable Australians might seem daunting, but Tim is able to stay calm under pressure, and is able to manage crisis situations as well as identify, assess and manage risks.

Recent storms throughout Victoria and New South Wales saw Tim deployed to Wogga.

Fortunately the community he was supporting avoided significant damage, and Tim was able to learn from other units from across the country; a valuable learning experience and one he wouldn’t have been able to have without the SES.

Needless to say, through his work with the SES Tim has also become quite handy with a chainsaw.

A Warm Feeling

During one particularly memorable call out, Tim was faced with a unique challenge: a tree had fallen and damaged two separate roofs on two seperate houses.

What made this situation even more challenging was that it unfolded over several days, and one of the houses impacted belonged to an elderly woman with no capacity to fix the damage.

Over two or three sleepless nights, and to tremendous thanks from grateful homeowners, Tim and his unit returned to the same neighbourhood, to the same houses, to preserve and protect as much as they could.

“It was very warming and gratifying to do a good job, and to get the job done.”

Family First

Tim grew up in the country, where his parents still live in an isolated house.

As they get older, their ability to protect their property from damage is becoming increasingly limited.

Tim is proud that the skills he has learned while volunteering with the SES mean he is able to be there for his parents, protecting and preparing their property for any emergency situations they might face.

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