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Dry July

Dry July

For those doing Dry July - congratulations - you're half way through your alcohol free month to raise money for charity and to have a bit of a health kick by embracing sobriety for 31 days.

We spoke to Sarah Smith who works in the Digital Sales and Service team for IAG about why she is voluntarily giving up drinking for a whole month and if she's nearly sneaked out for a glass of her favourite tipple.

Why are you doing Dry July? 

I've been trying to have a little alcohol break for health reasons (my clothes are feeling tight!) but I haven’t had the willpower to stick to it.

By signing up for Dry July and seeking sponsorship, it makes me more accountable and means I will go the distance!  

Have you ever done it before? 

No I’ve never done Dry July before, but in 2014 I had an alcohol break for about 5 months when I was training for City to Surf.

That was tough, but when I was running up heartbreak hill I was very glad I had been so committed to my training and prep!

Have there been moments of weakness?

It hasn’t been too bad so far, although the stress of bathroom renovations at home has definitely made me feel like a glass of wine or two!

Weekends are definitely harder than weekdays, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything as a month goes so fast.

What are you enjoying about it? 

No hangovers! And I definitely feel a little bit fresher.

It’s also a nice feeling that I’ve set my mind to something and I’m going to achieve it.  

Tell us about your fund raising? 

I have posted my link on facebook and also recently sent an email to my business unit to ask for sponsors.

I think people assume it needs to be a large donation but it doesn’t.

Even $5 or $10 donations add up quickly – so get on board peeps - here's the link to my Dry July fundraising page.

What do your family and friends think about it?

My boyfriend has been REALLY supportive and has only had one drink in July so far.

 My friends have gotten behind me and know I can do it.

My team have also been encouraging me, with a special shout out to my boss who sponsored me for a Golden ticket (which is a ‘Dry July night off’) as I’m attending a Christmas in July dinner on the 29th July.  

What are you looking forward to on the 1st of August? 

A glass of good Malbec!

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