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Helping business-owning mums through fires, floods and even a pandemic

28 April 2022

Helping business-owning mums through fires, floods and even a pandemic

Carrie Kwan, a mother of two boys and a successful digital entrepreneur, knows all too well the challenges of running a business and a family. That is exactly why she made it her business.

To help other mums, Carrie co-founded Mums & Co in 2016, a digital platform to provide upskilling and networking to the estimated 345,000 Australian business-owning mothers. The movement was created to help women who want to launch, grow, scale and follow their dreams. What Mums & Co provide is an entire network and support system. Women helping women. Mums supporting mums. Business owners supporting business owners.

Being a mum is a big deal. And launching your own business while juggling your Little Co is an even bigger deal. At Mums & Co we get that juggle.

What she could never have predicted was the back-to-back natural disasters which unfolded in the space of two years. And how her own business would have to pivot to help these mums.

Fires. A Pandemic and most recently floods. Carrie and her team realised that in order to help women overcome the enormity of these challenges they would have to think like mums.

So, as a starter – they developed a chatbot which just like mums has an  ‘always-on’ approach, giving women critical 24/7 access to flood-related advice, tools and resources.

Q1. How would you describe Mums & Co?

We describe ourselves as Australia’s most caring business network and our purpose is to help women at all stages of business and motherhood.

We strive to be ‘her’ digital co-business partner and guide them through the business journey.

We’re deeply passionate about inspiring women, particularly mums, to realise success in harmonising their ambition, livelihood and wellbeing.
Carrie Kwan
Co-Founder Mums & Co

We advocate for women to live in a world where they don’t have to choose between a career and caring.

Q2. During the floods in NSW and QLD, what did your business-owning mothers experience?

The immediate impact has been significant as businesses are struggling to survive which also has a big impact on mental health.

We’re really feeling an increased level of stress and anxiety following two years of disruption due to the pandemic and home schooling.

We really are seeing the whole scale of the support that is required – support for their families, their businesses, and themselves.

Q3. Where can women in business go for help and flood assistance?

Right now, our community can give help and get help online via our chatbot.

When we ran the chatbot during the pandemic for business-owning mothers trying to get help, we saw unexpected spikes in activity at 1am and 3am.

The chatbot is so reliable, it could direct them to different resources at all times of the day.

When the floods hit the east coast, we used the chatbot as a digital check-in for flood-affected women in businesses.

If you need help, login to the chatbot to find all the resources we have on offer. If you can give help, login to the chatbot to donate your time, products or services to business-owning mums who really need your help.

Best experienced on a smartphone, the chatbot provides information and resources specific to each individual business stage, sector, location and their family situation.

Q4. What is different for women in business in 2022?

We’re all more connected than ever, yet it can be hard to find the right information at the right time.

Using emerging technology in this way is enabling our community to get the right information from verified sources.

It reduces the mental load of traumatised women living through a crisis by providing ongoing support at scale.

The ‘Co’ in Mums & Co refers to the community around business-owning women, helping them in business and in life. Mums & Co is offering flood affected business owners FREE Accelerate Memberships. To claim your free membership or if you need help after a flood or for other reasons, visit the Mums & Co chatbot now.


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