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Helping hands

Helping hands

Australia has a strong history of volunteering, which means we often don’t think twice about rushing to the rescue of others.

And when we do come together to help, we can be a force to be reckoned with.

In the case of this story, a force that challenged the laws of physics...

It was 9:00AM, on a cool winter’s morning in 2014.

The morning rush had just begun to pass through the Stirling train station in Perth.

Commuters were bustling past each other, eager to get their seats. Some of them perhaps late for work, worrying about the day ahead and keen to settle in for the ride.


Amongst the crowd was an ordinary man, and like the majority, he was on his way to work.

The train pulled up to the station and he prepared to board the train with the jostling crowd.

The same way he did every day, week after week. 

But on this day the crowd suddenly stopped in front of him and he did something out of the ordinary. He slipped.

In that moment, his leg fell into the gap, becoming wedged between the 120-tonne train and the platform. 

The power of many

Fellow commuters and rail staff rushed to his aid, keeping him calm and collected.

Then for the second time that morning, something out of the ordinary happened.

One by one, people lined up along the length of the train carriage.

Hundreds of hands stopped, put down their phones, and pushed as one.

The carriage began to move, only the smallest of movements at first. But soon, back and forth, it began to rock.

Working together

One last heave – together as one – and the man had just enough room to wriggle free.

He lay down on the platform to catch his breath, having never been more thankful for a group of strangers in his life.

That’s what Australians do. We help.

And so has NRMA Insurance for almost 100 years.

NRMA Insurance. Help is who we are.

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