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Helping people

Helping people

Anthony Justice CEO IAG

Anthony Justice is Chief Executive of the Australian Consumer Division at IAG, the company that owns NRMA Insurance.

He knows that some people have negative connotations about insurance, but in his job he gets to hear lots of stories about how insurance makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

Here he shares about one that stood out.

People immediately think that insurance is only there to help when someone has a really bad accident or incident and when they need to make a claim.

That's true, that’s part of what we do – an important part.

But working at NRMA Insurance, I hear great stories all the time about how our NRMA employees help people.

I heard one recently which was a lovely example of the difference our people make.

Having someone in your corner

A customer’s daughter, who was just 18, was involved in an accident.

After the accident things got a bit nasty. The driver who hit her car got out and started yelling at her and was being quite aggressive.

One of our people just happened to be driving past and stopped and helped the young woman, calmed the situation down and walked her through ‘what happens when you have an accident' because she had no idea what to do being so inexperienced.

Stopping like that to help made our employee late to work.

After her shift in the evening she personally called the customer back to make sure everything was okay.

I would never have known what she had done, but the young woman’s father wrote in to say thank-you and said that it was like, “having someone in your corner on the worst day you can have”. 

He went on to say that having our insurance company protect his daughter in that way when she was on the road is all we really want for our kids and ourselves.

Basically he wrote in to say well done and could we pass on his thanks to the woman who helped.

Going the extra mile

For me it highlights the values of our people. NRMA Insurance is an iconic brand, in that everybody knows it and people trust it, but in my experience the people that work here go the extra mile.

It’s friendlier - it’s not a faceless organisation.

I think that story demonstrates that we're trying to create a culture where we support our customers; whether it's a sales query or a claims process or actually stopping on the road to support someone who has had an accident.

We have the opportunity to make the world a safer place for our customers, and not just when someone wants to make a claim. 

So for me that's what making your world a safer place means.

It’s not just about the confidence that comes from having insurance, it’s that our customers are dealing with an organisation whose employees really care about people.

For me that’s what sets us apart.

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