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How Refugee Migrant Children Centre (RMCC) are helping connect kids with technology

How Refugee Migrant Children Centre (RMCC) are helping connect kids with technology

CEO and Founder of Refugee Migrant Children Centre, Alice Wojcik, says “During Victoria’s first round of remote learning, 69% of the kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds that we support became completely cut off from their education, their friends, family and their community, because they didn’t have technology or internet access at home. There’s a misconception that all students have been provided technology through their schools, but unfortunately many schools in low sociodemographic areas haven’t had the resources to do this. Our team at RMCC felt compelled to help because we know the consequences of inaction are significant.”

Helping a child facing disadvantage to reconnect is a blessing.

Many of the children that RMCC support are already navigating the complexities that come with starting life again in a new country, without adding an additional layer of uncertainty and disadvantage that lockdown and remote learning has brought. RMCC acts as their lifeline to support, mentoring and community connectedness. 

According to Grattan Institute research, many students experiencing disadvantage who were already falling behind before the crisis, will have slipped further back. 

No one stands taller than the adult who kneels to help a child.

RMCC has set an achievable target and we can help them get there.

“We need to provide these children with computers and internet access because if they fall behind there are real, life-long consequences” says Alice. “Low achievement at school has huge ramifications on self-esteem, future study and future opportunities. We have a target and our corporate sponsors like IAG have been incredible. For every $600 raised, they are donating a Chromebook and 12 months of internet to the kids!” 

When you make a donation to Tech to Connect, whether small or large, you are helping kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds by providing them with a Chromebook at home as well as 12 months of internet connection which incorporates child safety security features. Your help will ensure the kids can access their remote learning - and indeed all learning - through technology; a fundamental tool for their education and staying connected.

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