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Local heroes

Local heroes

The SES is a well loved Aussie organisation because of the amazing service they provide across the country during major weather events like storms and floods. But many Australians don’t know the full story about what the SES do.

Doing it for free

For example, 40,000 SES members are actually volunteers who freely give their time to help make our communities safer, as well as their crucial emergency and rescue work. There are 229 SES units located throughout NSW alone.

Disaster relief

And while the SES are known for their flood and storm operations, they also provide the majority of general rescue efforts in lots of rural areas.

You can find SES men and women in their distinctive orange overalls at road accident rescue, vertical rescue (for those injured or trapped on cliffs for example), bush search and rescue, evidence searches (both metropolitan and rural) and other forms of specialist rescue that may be needed because of local threats.

The Service's trained rescuers also support the full-time emergency services during major disasters.

Storm safety

NRMA Insurance works together with the SES to run programs aimed at helping communities get resourced, so they can reduce the impact of bad weather.

It’s a natural partnership given both organisations want to help people in difficult times. Jennifer Cobley, Manager of Partnerships and Programs, NRMA Insurance, explains the synergy.

“The amazing work of the SES is something our people can relate to. This is why we have such a strong bond with the Service as we work together to make communities safer, stronger and more confident.”

A great example is the StormSafe campaign across NSW and ACT, which helps households improve their disaster preparedness. You can download the StormSafe app for iOS or for Android.

Helping the local community

Other ways NRMA Insurance helps is through the Community Connect program, which is designed to help NSW SES units connect with their communities so they can be prepared for floods and storms.

NRMA Insurance provides grants to support local engagement activities and awards to recognise the community efforts of units and volunteers.

Saving lives and homes

We’ve also provided equipment to Queensland SES units. From chainsaws to generators, rechargeable torches and floodlights, we’ve made it possible for them to purchase essential equipment that they may not have been able to fund.

And we’ve shown our support, through the Storm Heroes grants program, recognising and rewarding selfless actions of volunteers that save lives and homes.

Saying thank you

Every year, NRMA Insurance employees take time out to say thanks to the SES volunteers across Australia.

We celebrate, promote and support them nationally with a range of initiatives during National SES Week including a big push for Wear Orange to Work (WOW) Day in all our offices, branches and Repair Management Centres.

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