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A national movement towards a united future

A national movement towards a united future

Truth, friendship, culture and shared histories will be brought into the spotlight as NRMA Insurance celebrates National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2019 from May 27 to June 3.

The week-long event, dedicated to growing respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader community, is aimed to give Indigenous Australians greater equality.

At NRMA Insurance, help is who we are – that’s why in 2013, our parent company IAG became the country’s first insurer to introduce a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). In February this year, IAG launched its third RAP.

“The commitments and actions outlined in this RAP are aligned to our purpose and make the world safer for First Nations peoples,” said IAG Managing Director and CEO, Peter Harmer.

“We’re proud to be contributing to a more confident future, advocating for a more inclusive workforce and society, and learning from our partners to improve the resilience of Australian communities."

Over the past six years, IAG has worked towards its third RAP which has an Elevate status – the highest endorsement a RAP can achieve.

As part of our vision for reconciliation and our support for the principles of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, we’ve fostered strong partnerships with Indigenous organisations such as AIME Mentoring and CareerTrackers; a not-for-profit that creates internship opportunities for Indigenous university students.

With the aim to accelerate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, CareerTrackers links ambitious students with employers within the corporate world.

This year, 17 CareerTrackers interns gained valuable workplace experience through IAG work placements. The success of this alliances shows a true representation of the pledge IAG and CareerTrackers have towards supporting Indigenous students, preparing future leaders in the workplace and the community.

“I was one of 17 students to join the CareerTrackers program in 2011 and it was an absolutely amazing opportunity,” says Peta-Lee Moran, CareerTrackers alumni and IAG employee.

“Participating in the CareerTracker program gave me the chance to bring that part of my life forward and explore what I was interested in so that I could better adapt my degree and studies to my long-term plan.”

In 2018, Peta-Lee joined IAG as Logistics Coordinator within the People and Culture department.

“Before even working for IAG I knew the company had a very inclusive workplace and it was somewhere that people came to succeed and could be backed.” she says.

The opportunity for Indigenous students like Peta-Lee to put into practice their university studies comes from IAG’s commitment to reconciliation. And as beneficial as the program is for the interns, it’s equally beneficial to the business.

Figures show 89% of interns in the CareerTrackers program graduate from university and an astounding 95% begin full-time employment within three months of graduating. 

“I would definitely recommend the CareerTrackers program to others. This program is what got me through two university degrees…it helped me land my first job, and when I decided to make that transition from CareerTrackers to IAG, they wholeheartedly support me.”

The presence of the Indigenous interns in teams across the country allows employees to get a better understanding of Indigenous culture. The reciprocal nature of the program means the program will continue to grow and thrive, and the company and interns alike will continue to benefit from the program for many years to come.


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