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One tiny gesture

One tiny gesture

Often the tiniest of gestures can have the biggest impact.

And when demonstrated on the world stage, highlights the fact that Australians are a nation of helpers.

As this story proves, help truly is in our DNA...

Electric atmosphere

It was the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Australia was set to play Chile at the at Arena Pantanal In Brazil.

The cheer of the crowd was deafening - the atmosphere electric.

Thousands of fans had gathered for the Group B match and were ready to watch their heroes display their legendary skills.

Mark Bresciano, an Australian footballer with 84 caps for his country took to the field with his teammates.

He didn’t know, he was moments away from making this match famous.

Simple and kind

But it wasn’t Mark’s kicks and passes that we all remember that day.

In fact, the action that became famous around the world happened before the game even started.

Lining up on the field for the anthems were the teams, supported by what had to be the luckiest school kids in Brazil; children who were picked to represent the country as FIFA hosts and escort their heroes to the field.

Beside Mark, stood a young mascot on crutches. Mark noticed his shoelaces had come undone.

Quietly, he knelt down and tied them up. It was a gesture so tiny, so simple and kind, yet in this context, so extraordinary.

Spirit of the country

A gesture that revealed the spirit of a country. Images of the Australian hero and the small boy immediately went around the globe, capturing the world’s attention. 

The boy could never have imagined that a football legend like Mark Bresciano, would be tying his shoes that day.

It was a gesture that will live long in the memory of millions around the world who witnessed it. Especially that one special little boy.

“Any dad would have done the same.” Mark later said, humbly.

That’s what Australians do. We help.

And so has NRMA Insurance for almost 100 years.

NRMA Insurance.

Help is who we are.

Read the full story here.

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