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The spirit of help

The spirit of help

As Australians, we’ve supported each other because we’ve had to.

In order to conquer this hot, brown land we’ve had to learn how to work together.

This spirit of help is what makes us who we are – ready to drop everything to come to the aid of a fellow countryman - like an entire community in WA did when their friend and colleague fell ill...

Life changing news

It isn’t common for men in their 40s to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. So when dairy farmer Brett Milner was diagnosed at 45, it was anything but expected.

Also unexpected was what happened next. After years of giving to his small West Australian community, the community gave something back. 

Brett had always done a lot for his local area. He was dedicated. He was a hard-working farmer and everyone knew it, because he was the one getting nearly every single family their milk.

It was unusual for him to miss the kids’ footy training, but on the morning of his diagnosis, he was feeling a bit off.

That day, doctors gave him the news that would change his life as he knew it. 

A friend in need

Equally upset was fellow farmer and life-long friend, Ian McGregor.

Ian felt compelled do something to help, so he got everyone together to complete the entire harvest of 60 hectares of silage on one day - a job that would usually take Brett six to eight weeks by himself.

Brett was overwhelmed that people would do this for him and his family.

But it was no big deal, as everyone there saw it as an opportunity to repay Brett for the support he gave to his community day after day. 

That’s what Australians do.

We help.

And so has NRMA Insurance for almost 100 years.

Because at NRMA Insurance, help is who we are.

Read the full story here on the ABC.



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