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10 road rules you have probably never heard of

10 road rules you have probably never heard of

Australian road rules fall under State or Territory jurisdiction and are full of little-known and obscure regulations and it’s near impossible to be across them all.

We offer these 10 lesser known regulations that might save your hard earned dollars and coveted demerit points.

Parking an unregistered car

You know you can’t drive an unregistered car but you might not know you’re not allowed to even park it on the street as you can still be fined for driving an unregistered car!

Crossing the road

Okay this one is for pedestrians rather than drivers, but still good to know.

In NSW you can be fined if you don’t cross the road quickly enough, or if you cross on a red light.

The same applies if you cross less than 20 metres from a marked crossing.

Regardless, if you are driving you must always give way to a pedestrian, even in off the road places like a shopping centre car park.

Animals on your lap

Don’t be tempted to get behind the wheel with your pet on your lap. It’s an offence to drive like this.

Animals must be on the floor of the vehicle and be tethered at all times.

More animal rules

And on the subject of pets, in NSW, drivers and passengers are forbidden to lead an animal, including by tether, from a moving vehicle.

So while it may seem like a top time saving idea - no walking your dog from the back of your car.

Fog and driving lights

Use of fog and driving lights is permitted only when road and driving conditions such as rain, fog or dust limit your vision and must be turned off when those conditions improve.

It’s worth checking settings before driving to ensure these are off when they’re not needed.

Drinking in the car

You can drive a car in NSW with an open bottle of beer in your lap, but it’s against the law to drink it if you're driving.

Funeral processions

It’s random, but in NSW it's an offence to, "negligently or wilfully interfere with, or interrupt" a funeral cortege or authorised procession, or "any vehicle or any person" forming part of the funeral or procession.

Number plates

It’s worth checking to make sure the light above your number plate is working, because if it’s not you run the risk of being fined and in some states you may be issued with a defect notice.

Horsing around

It’s an offence not to give way to horses that refuse to move or are difficult to control on the road.

If the horse rider signals you by raising a hand and points to the horse, you must steer your vehicle as far to the left side of the road as you can, turn off the engine and don’t move until the horse is far enough away not to be aggravated. 

Smoke and noise

It's an offence for a person to drive, or even start the engine of a car in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke. You can of course smoke in a car but not if there are children under sixteen in the vehicle.

And the moral of this story is - no matter how long or short a time you've been driving for, keep up to date, as much as you can, with new road rules. 

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