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5 apps for drivers

5 apps for drivers

There’s a wide range of clever technology to help you as a driver whether you’re new or experienced behind the wheel.

Here’s five apps that can help you navigate your trip, avoid traffic jams, log your driving hours, help you learn your driving theory, and even find where you’ve parked your car.


iOnRoad is an award winning app that incorporates technology found in most luxury cars.

It helps drivers navigate and negotiate traffic by providing speed alerts, traffic information, crash warnings and has features such as safety alerts for vehicles too close to yours.

Plus it tracks incoming dangers in real time.

iOnRoad uses Facebook to login to your personal dashboard, which records and shows maps of your trips, driving times plus distances and driving analytics.

Available for iOS ($1.49) and Android ($1.38).


For times when you don’t have access to wifi but need to find a way to get to your destination, try Navmii:

A free community-based offline GPS navigation and traffic app for drivers, Navmii combines voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic information, local search, points of interest and driver scores.

Enjoy offline maps stored locally that you can use at home or overseas without an internet connection.

Available and free for iOS

Park My Car

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car and wasted a lot of time searching for it?

Park My Car for your iPhone is a super helpful app that uses your phone’s GPS and gives you peace of mind knowing exactly where you’ve parked it.

When you park simply open the app and press 'Park'. It remembers the location and shows the location of where you are on the map.

This app uses your phone’s GPS.

Free on iTunes for iOS.

Australian Driving Tests

If you have a driving theory test coming up or you're helping teach someone to drive, this is the app for you.

With over 2600 questions, The Australian Driving Tests app can help you learn road rules, driving laws and signage in all States and Territories and can help prepare for any driving test throughout Australia.

There are practice questions and tests and after you download it, you don’t need the internet to use it.

It’s available for free for iOS and Android.

Learners Logbook

Learners Logbook is a great app that records your learner driver experience across all Australian states.

This app records start and end times of your trip, and uses your phones’ wireless GPS connection plus it records distance travelled via the odometer reading.

You can split day and night times, weather and road conditions.

It outputs to a pdf and is accepted by road and traffic authorities across Australia as an official logbook entry if it’s signed by you and your driving supervisor.

Free for iOS and Android.

And remember safety first - it’s illegal to use a hand held phone while driving.

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