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6 of the most unique caravans and boats

6 of the most unique caravans and boats

A house on the road, a house on the water, a house in the field, a house in the snow; the ways to experience Australia’s beautiful land and water are endless.

We’ve found six funky and fun houses on wheels and floats so that you can pick a second home with plenty of personality!

Rocket Caravans

Designed and manufactured by the British, these versatile retro-style aluminium caravans are cost-effective, with customisable options such as extra windows and doors. The units are made in the style of vintage American caravans, but they’re brand new. They can also be used as outdoor kiosks, photo booths, food trucks and more. The manufacturing process was inspired by traditional aircraft construction, so the finished product is light, durable and cutting edge. There are six models to choose from and these retro rides are just begging to hit the road.

The Teardrop Camper Co

As the name suggests, these are cute little tear-drop shaped campers that are so small and lightweight that they can be attached to a 4-cylinder car or even a trike motorcycle. They’re Australian-made customisable mini trailers which can be stored and prepacked in your garage, ready to go. They come with lockable doors and a toolbox for security and safety regardless of your camping location. Teardrop campers do have to be made to order though and can take up to three months to deliver.


If houses on wheels aren’t exciting enough, how about houses on water? Caraboat’s website proudly announces: “Caravan? Boat? It’s both!“ While a floating caravan is nothing new, Caraboats come with a few accessories that distinguish it from your standard houseboat. For starters, it sits at the same height as a standard off road caravan, and all three models have three step access from the rear. It doesn’t sit low in the water, making it easy to launch and retrieve. The interior comes with top-end fancy furnishings and panoramic windows. They allow you to sleep up to four people in a variety of ways and they all come with modern kitchens and bathrooms with vanities, showers and toilets. They’re not cheap though, with a starting price of $144,750.

Royal Flair Piazza

The Royal Flair Caravan company has been making caravans for Australia since 1975, and they pride themselves on interior detailing and their “naturally luxe” approach. Small details make a big difference, and they work with customers individually to customise their caravans. They use sustainable and durable materials and have eight different options in their range.

The newest luxury caravan is the Piazza, designed for families. Along with the regular amenities, it also comes with a variety of floorplans and gives campers extra undercover floor space (4.5 square meters) in the form of a balcony by using the space above the draw bar of the caravan (the ‘Skydeck’). It takes minutes to set up and is especially useful for travellers with children and pets. It’s safe, accessible and adds even more nature to your journey.

Smidge Teardrop

Manufactured by Suncamper Motorhomes, Smidge Teardrops are small and cute, but built to last. After years of design and development the first Smidge camper hit the road in early 2019.  They manufacture in Sydney using only Australian made parts. All Smidge Caravan campers are compact and easy to use and set up with lightweight designs.  Every Smidge Teardrop comes with quality cabinetry with marine-grade light weight plywood and is built by a team of specialist trades people.

Anchorage Houseboats

Homes on the water don’t get much sleeker than the light-filled, Anchorage Houseboats. For over a decade Anchorage Houseboats have been building, renovating and maintaining majestic houseboats. Based in Victoria, they come with an in-house A-Grade electrical team and personalise each build. They’re a registered member of the Boating Industry of Australia and keep up to date with industry requirements and regulations.  They’ll also renovate the different houseboat interiors and do custom designed Hard Tops for lounging on the top deck. 

Their website demonstrates six beautiful custom boats, giving plenty of ideas for your own. For example, a model they designed in 2020 is the "Signature”. The five-bedroom three-bathroom boat sleeps 14 people and looks incredibly classy.

Remember, for any mobile-home purchase you’ll also need to keep it insured. Whether it’s parked in your shed or regularly towed on the open road, life happens and it’s best to be prepared.

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