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Best apps to map out your road trip

Best apps to map out your road trip

There once was a time whenwe relied heavily on paper-based road maps, usually tucked away in the glove box. Thankfully, digitalapps have provided us with a user-friendly experience comprising of a tap-and-golook and feel. From Apple Maps, Google Maps to Waze and more, we’ll explore the benefits of using these apps to map out your road trip.

Apple Maps

It seemed that Apple Maps launched prematurely in comparison to other map-based apps.But since 2012, they’ve addedmore of the destinations we want driving directions to, and thanks to Siri,Apple Maps offer more natural-sounding directions. While Apple Maps has improved considerably since launching, it still lacks some of the features that an app like Google Maps offer – a little more on that later. The biggest stand-out for Apple Maps is, not only its build for Apple productsand users, but also its genuine philosophy around privacy.Apple have gone to great lengths to protect their customersdata – safeguarding everything from where we travelto our banking details.Apple users can rest easy knowingthat this information isn’tbeing sold to any third parties. 


The best thing about going on a road trip is stopping at any beautiful rest spotyou want. And since the Waze App is a community-based traffic and navigation app, you’ll get to hear about the very best spots to stop at along the way. You’ll gain transparency aboutsafe routes, best loos and most Instagram-able locations too, so make sure you have a picnic blanket handy. Wazewill also help you get from A to Bin the quickest and most effective way. One of the biggest advantages of downloading Waze for road trips, is that real drivers are sharing real-time traffic and road information, such as incidents and traffic jams in areas you should avoid. Not only is it a great app for safer driving in the holidays, it comes in handy in heavier traffic areas when driving about in your local city.


With this driving app, you’ll get more than just driving directions to your road trip destination. You’ll uncover scores of restaurants and cafes where the localsdine, charming scenic points,picturesque rest stops and attractions along the way, national parksto explore, and a range of local hotels to stay in. Can’t decide which direction to take? Get inspiration from safe, Roadtrippers pre-made trip guidesfilled withsome of the most exhilarating routes and fascinating detours for the best family road trip ever.

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