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Cameras to catch distracted drivers

Cameras to catch distracted drivers

People talking on their phones or texting while driving are going to be targeted by cameras according to New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

Killer summer

After a killer summer on NSW roads, the Government has launched a road safety plan to combat driver distraction, plus speeding and drink and drug driving.

392 people were killed in 2017 while driving in NSW, and the new measures are part of a package targeted at bringing down the horrific road toll.

Doing the wrong thing costs lives

Drivers using mobile phones on the road, are known to be a significant cause of accidents.

“The strictest road rules in the world don’t take away from personal responsibility,” Ms Berejiklian said, last week.

“One second of distraction, one second of doing the wrong thing,” can mean a lifetime of pain.

"I don't want to see innocent lives continue to be lost," she said.

"That's why as a Government we are doing everything we can to prevent injury and heartache."

Big problem

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey said, "what we are saying to the community is we hear what you are saying, that you believe mobile phone distraction is a big problem and we are prepared to trial and look at technology to catch people doing the wrong thing". She also said motorists would be warned before any trials took place in NSW.

On the spot license suspensions

Other measures announced in the road safety plan include:

All mid-range drink-driving offenders must have breath-testing devices fitted to cars which require negative samples before the ignition starts. Police will be given the power to issue on-the-spot fines and licence suspensions for low-range drink-driving offences, which means many drivers will not have to go to court.

App that rewards drivers

NRMA Insurance is also concerned about driver distraction and has launched the Safer Journeys App, to reward drivers for not using their phone while on the road.

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