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The car club scene

The car club scene

There are hundreds of car and motoring clubs, associations and breakaway groups across Australia and they’re more than just social gatherings.

Car clubs are huge networks of like-minded people sharing their experiences, passion and sometimes parts for the cars they love (and are openly obsessed about).

And the Australian car club scene is booming. 

Driving passions

A lot of car clubs are make and model specific; catering for everything from 2CVs to Jaguars, Mustangs to Porsches and pretty much every car you can think of. 

However other car clubs are for people who love a genre rather than a particular model, for example: Utes, 4WD's muscle cars, racing cars, modified cars and vintage and veteran.

Meets and clubs also vary enormously in size, from a few friends getting together for a cruise, to massive events with thousands of car enthusiasts.

Raw emotion

“It’s not just about drives and meets", says car club member and Managing Director of South Australia’s Collectable Classic Cars, Ben Finnis, 

“Classic cars bring out the raw emotion in people.

It’s not uncommon to see a whole club turn up to rebuild the car of one of their members.

The tinkering and the challenge of restoring old cars to their former glory is what drives them.

Club members often take their enthusiasm to the next level and they’ve got the merchandise that proves their allegiance.

Their homes, garages and sheds are often full of all kinds of memorabilia and spare parts and they’ll take any chance they can to engage in a discussion about what drives their passion!”

If you're interested in going along to a meet, there's plenty to choose from.

5 classic car club resources 

  1. The Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc (AHMF). is the national peak body for all historic motoring in Australia. The AHMF is a federation of State and Territory based motoring councils. These councils represent over 1000 historic motoring clubs and close to 100,000 enthusiasts across the country.
  2. Established in Melbourne in 1977, the Falcon GT Club of Australia is the original and longest running club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the tradition of the Falcon GT.
  3. Holden Heaven is the official home of the worldwide Holden enthusiast community and lists dozens of Holden car clubs across Australia.
  4. Club Veedub was founded in 1985 and is Australia’s largest VW club with a national membership base. The club caters for all Volkswagen community members and has info on club runs, shows, social events and activities.
  5. The Association of British Car Clubs was formed in 1988 to replace the Austin Motor Vehicle Club. It's the coordinator of the annual, All British Display Days and works to encourage the preservation of motor vehicles made in the UK or in other countries by British manufacturers. 

For more listings check out

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