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Classic car boom

Classic car boom

Nostalgia plays an important part in the appeal of classic cars.  

Often they come with a personal history, they might have been legendary race winners, wedding bridal cars, or everyday cars that are now simply retro-fabulous. 

Plus they're also cultural and social icons of their era.

Cars of yesteryear reflect a particular period's style and character and can be containers of memorable events that have become indelibly imprinted in our lives.

We talked with classic car enthusiasts Ben Finnis and Dan Spillane about their top classic car picks of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that are now sought after for nostalgic reasons.

Kombi crazy

Ben, Managing Director of South Australia’s Collectable Classic Cars, says, “a lot of people are looking for cars they had as kids".

"Every classic car tells a story. It might have been the family car or their first car. 

Or it could be linked to a romantic memory of their courting days, or a hankering for a time when life was a lot simpler - classic cars offer a sense of freedom from modern day complexities.

At the moment we’re seeing huge interest in VW’s particularly late model 60’s and 70’s Beetles and Kombi’s.”

Echoing the surge of interest in VW’s, Dan, Operations Manager at the Gosford Classic Car Museum, says VW’s need a special mention.

“Interest in the iconic Kombi is going crazy right now, particularly early split screens models.  

Some of the people we see have either had one, dad had one, or they have always wanted one.

Beetles are also very popular with people buying them to restore, or buying them in original condition.”

Aussie hot wheels

Interest in our homegrown Australian brands is also steady.

Dan’s picks for highly sought after are: Holden EH, Monaro and Torana, Ford Falcon GT and all Chrysler Valliant and Charger’s.

Ben’s picks are also the Holden EH, Monaro and 2 door Torana, plus the Ford Escort, Chrysler 60's and 70’s Valiant and Charger’s.

Mini me

Ben and Dan both agree that MG’s and Mini’s have a massive following.

“They're nostalgic and fashionable British brands and are both cool little cars that are easy to work on and won’t break the bank to buy,” says Dan.

“The Triumph’s TR6, a best seller in its day, is also a very popular collectable British car.”

Iconic Japanese

Early Japanese cars, particularly sports cars, are also becoming quite desirable with Datsun’s 240Z, 260Z, 2000 and the Fairlady all highly sought after.

“We’re also getting a lot of interest in early Toyota Landcruisers.

In the country ‘everyone’ owned a Landcruiser.

They’re an iconic part of rural Australia and are a proven reliable and good all-round 4WD.

Parts are plentiful and you can’t kill them,” Dan Spillane says.

Classic for cheap

There’s bound to be a classic car that holds a nostalgic memory for you.

It may be the car you learnt to drive in, or ‘that’ panel van you went away with your mates on surf trips in.

And it’s good to remember that not all classic cars cost the earth to buy.

You may be surprised that it’s easier than you think to own one, especially if you're prepared to do some restoration.

Specialist insurance

If you do decide to buy a classic car, then remember to get specialist car insurance to cover it.

Whether your pride and joy is a veteran (pre-1919), vintage (made between 1919 and 1930) or classic (15 years or older) vehicle, NRMA Insurance can provide cover for its agreed value against accidental damage, theft, fire, storm, flood and more.


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