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A classic love affair

A classic love affair

Being the owner of a classic car means something different for everyone.

A classic car might bring back a nostalgic memory of a first date or a family holiday, or it could have been ‘the’ car to have when they were young but couldn't afford it.

Maybe it’s a yearning for a social connection with like-minded people, or a hankering for a time that reflected style, sophistication and character.

Or maybe it’s simply an old fashioned obsession for tinkering with all things automotive.

Here we talk with some classic car owners about what drives this passion.

A class act

David Snape, NRMA Insurance’s Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Consultant, and a self confessed classic car ‘nut’ says, “ some people love classic cars because they have a character that’s missing from modern cars".

"They have great lines - just look at the fins on a Cadillac.

With a classic car what you see is what you get – uncomplicated individuality and class.

It’s an opportunity to go back in time when life was a lot simpler.”

Living the dream

Colin Alidise, a passionate owner of a BMW 1985 M635 CSI and a modern classic BMW Z3, says his interest in classic cars started as a young boy when his father gave him Dinky Toys.

“We never had a car when I was young so we just had these Dinky cars that we would dream were real - the green one was a car from Britain and red was from Italy”, says Colin.

“For me it’s not about the price, it’s about the passion and the lifestyle, and the comradery it provides.

I’d say 99.9% of other classic car owners we meet have a common thread - a shared passion for the beauty of period cars."

Good times

Having a classic car creates conversation and connection.

Garry Wright from Camden experiences that when he drives his 1956 Chevy down the road.

 "I get toots and waves and comments," he says.

"Classic cars make you talk with people, and people to talk to you.

It’s just such a different experience – it brings happiness to people.

To me, my classic Chevy represents the good times, a sense of nostalgia for those carefree times in my teens and early 20’s when I had no worries in the world.  

These cars have style, class and character – like the rock ‘n’ roll era they're from.”

Indulging passion

Classic cars are also about saying yes to something you might have wanted to do for a very long time.

“Maybe a close mate suddenly passes away and from that moment you realise you won’t be around forever and you decide to do something you’ve always wanted, to live your passion and buy that classic car you’ve always wanted to have," says Snape.

 "And buying that car is all about doing something for yourself, indulging in your passion and not putting it off until tomorrow,"

If you decide to indulge your passion and buy a classic car, check out NRMA Insurance's Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Insurance.

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