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Danger for after dark drivers

Danger for after dark drivers

A recent NRMA Insurance study found one in seven drivers don’t use headlights after sunset.

The study of over 1,500 cars travelling after sunset on a busy arterial road found that surprisingly over 14% were driving without their headlights on.

This means about one in seven motorists dramatically increase their chances of causing, or being involved in, a serious incident on our roads during the evening peak hour commute.

Cars will be smarter

The good news is, this risk will be almost eliminated with the introduction of new technology like daytime running lights and automatic headlights.

While some of this technology comes with its share of flaws - NRMA Insurance found that some vehicles equipped with automatic headlights can turn on half an hour later in the evening than other vehicles with automatic headlights.

Even though they eventually turn on there’s a good chance some drivers don’t realise their lights haven't switched on yet.

A safe tip

To avoid an accident, simply remember to check your headlight indicator when you get into your car after dark. If you have daytime running lights or automatic headlights make use of them at all times but please turn your headlights on manually when necessary.


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