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Flashing light on your dashboard?

Flashing light on your dashboard?

It’s easy to ignore a flashing light on your dashboard, especially if you don't know why it's lit up.

But these lights can indicate a range of problems with your car, some of which may be serious.

Whether you need to fill your car up with petrol or make a trip to the the mechanic, knowing what the lights on your dashboard mean is important for any driver.

Here are ten of the most common dashboard lights, and what you need to do about them.

Washer fluid light

When you see this symbol pop up on your dashboard, it’s time to refill your washer fluid reservoir, so you can clean your windscreen.

ABS light

When this light is on, your anti-lock brake system has an issue, and you’ll need professional assistance to have this problem diagnosed and solved.

Brake light

This symbol could be as innocent as you having your parking brake on, but it could also mean you have a problem with your braking system, that the fluid in this system is low, or you have an ABS problem.

Engine temperature light

If you see this light, the temperature of your engine is outside normal limits.

Check your coolant levels and radiator cap, plus look for any coolant leaks and check your fan operation.

Airbag light

If this symbol remains lit up on your dashboard after starting your car, there may be an issue with one or more of your airbags, or your airbag system altogether.

Make an appointment immediately to get it checked out at either your car dealership or a mechanic.

Check engine light

This symbol means you should check your engine.

This could mean something as simple as your petrol tank cap being loose or damaged, or it could mean that you need to check on your car’s sparks plugs and wiring, oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, or catalytic converter.

Battery light

When you see this light, you likely have an issue with your battery.

However, in addition to checking on your battery’s condition, you should have your battery terminals and alternator belt looked at.

Fog light image

If this light becomes illuminated on your dashboard, you’d best hope it’s foggy outside, because your fog lights are still on.

Fuel light

You’ve probably seen this light all too often, and it means you need to fill your car up with petrol pronto.

What you might not know is that the little arrow next to your fuel gauge indicates which side of your car the fuel tank is on.

Oil light

This light means your oil is running low, or there’s a problem with your car’s oil pressure system.

Changing engine oil is something many drivers are confident doing, but consulting a professional would be advisable if you suspect a larger issue with your oil pressure system, such as a leak.

These lights may vary in design between car models and manufacturers.

Consult your owner's manual or seek the advice of a professional if you are unsure of the meaning or significance of a dashboard light.


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