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Gift ideas for a seasoned 4WD fanatic

Gift ideas for a seasoned 4WD fanatic

This festive season we've pulled together a list of gift ideas for your four-wheel drive (4WD) fanatic. You’ll know that for them buckling in and getting off-road is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of driving through tough terrain or exploring isolated areas that are inaccessible to the average car. Whatever the reason might be, it’s the journey that matters to these travellers.

So if you know an off-road enthusiast, why not bestow them with one of the greatest gifts they can cherish forever – something thoughtful they can use on their next 4x4 adventure.

Bushman Fridge

Off-roading is about exploring the path less travelled – which usually means not having access to a fridge or freezer. That’s why the Original Bushman Fridge is perfect for those who love to explore the great outdoors. Bushman’s award-winning fridge doubles as a deep freezer and is highly rated for its efficiency and reliability. Its compact size makes it easy to lug in the back of a Ute or 4WD and has been trusted and used in Australia for more than 20 years.

Compact Fire Extinguisher

The last thing anyone needs far from civilisation is their belongings catching fire. The ARB Firestryker is a small lightweight cylinder that’s compact enough to store in even the tightest of spaces. The upper part is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge and the lower part is made of plastic and serves as the supporting handle. When an unexpected fire strikes, ignite this gadget for a powerful extinguishing charge that lasts for approximately 100 seconds.

Camp Shower

The Australian designed and approved Duoetto MK2 Digital Dual Voltage (12v/240v) Electric 10L Storage Water Heater offers selectable temperatures between 30-75ºC on 240v and up to 70°C on 12v so that you can shower, wash, cook, clean and enjoy abundant hot water.

Diesel Heater

The range of Webasto Diesel Heaters provides a source of warmth during off-road adventures. Webasto’s range of products offer the ideal solutions for more independence on the road for all kinds of recreational vehicles – from campers to fully integrated motorhomes.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you’re hundreds of kilometres away from human civilisation and need to get in contact with someone a phone signal booster could come in handy. Designed to amplify phone signals for vehicles on the go, the Cel-Fi GO is the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to offer industry-leading signal gain.

Privacy Curtain

Exploring the great outdoors means being one with the land, and if there’s not a bathroom block in site, that means showering and doing your business in the open. Whether it’s used as a shower, a toilet or a change room, a Quick Pitch Quick-en-Suite is the ultimate solution for campers and caravans looking for instant privacy.

Escape Tool

In case of an emergency, you’d want to have an Escape Tool on hand. It’s a 2 in 1 gizmo which allows you to cut through a jammed seatbelt or break a car window and can even be used underwater. This device easily clips onto your keychain and helps keep the family safe.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Rough terrain can pose a threat to tyres. That’s why an electric Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a fundamental tool for advanced off-road drivers. These can help prevent unfortunate mishaps by monitoring a vehicle’s tyre air pressure and alerts you when it falls dangerously low.

Survival Supplies

You could say the VSSL Camp Supplies Compact Adventure Kit is the most versatile on the market. This useful gadget is stocked with more than 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear making it a must-have multi-tool for every adventurous off-road driver.

Tyre Deflators

Every experienced off-roader most likely already owns these little gems, but it’s always helpful to have a few on hand. Australian owned and made, Staun Tyre Deflators are an easy and accurate way to lower the pressure in all tyres at once to a set PSI.

4WD Protection

If you’re worried about whether additional gadgets on a 4x4 will be covered, don’t fret. With NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance, any legal modifications, options or accessories that are attached to your vehicle – like spoilers, alloy wheels and tow bars – are automatically covered at no extra cost.

For full details including limits, conditions and exclusions, please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Premium, Excess and Discounts Guide, or speak with one of NRMA’s helpful insurance specialists by calling 132 132.

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