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Help your learner driver prepare for and pass their driving test

Help your learner driver prepare for and pass their driving test

Sitting a driving test can be very stressful.

We spoke to Peter Camilleri, Director of the NSW based Australian Driver Trainers Association, to get his tips on how to build strong, safe and sound foundations for your kid’s driving future and help get them off their L’s and onto their P’s sooner.

Here's what he recommends...

Be calm and clear when teaching

Encourage your learner driver to be relaxed yet alert.

The way you talk can make a huge difference to the way your learner responds and reacts in new and unfamiliar situations, including during their test.

Talking in a clear, calm and direct way will help them build the confidence they need to prepare for the test.

Make sure your car is ready for the test

If you’re using a private car to take the test, make sure your learner is familiar with it and that it’s in good working condition otherwise the test may not go ahead.

You and your learner should check important items such as mirrors and seat belts and that the tyres are inflated properly and in good condition.

All lights and windscreen wipers should be working and there needs to be water in the windscreen reservoir, petrol in the tank and all dashboard instruments need to be functional.

Know the route

A trick to building confidence before the driving test is helping your learner get to know the area where the test will be conducted.

Spend a few hours driving around the streets in the vicinity and familiarise them with speed limits, intersections and any potential challenges on the route.

Check in with a professional

Before the driving test, book a formal lesson so the instructor can put them through a dummy test.

Afterwards, get feedback on what areas they think your learner still needs to work on, and if they think they’re ready to take the test.

Book a driving lesson on the day

A professional driving lesson on the day of the test and in the examination locale is a good idea.

Firstly it means they’ve had a chance for a driving warm up.

The instructor can also take them on the test route so they are more likely to feel relaxed and confident.

Learners who have a professional lesson on the day of examination often pass their license first time.

Turn failure into success

One in four Australian learner drivers fail their driving test the first time.

Prepare your learner for that eventuality, and use it as a stepping-stone to get them closer to their P’s by concentrating on where they have to improve, rather on the fact they didn't pass.

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