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People, not property. Why is CTP Insurance important?

People, not property. Why is CTP Insurance important?

When you hop in the car for a quick trip to the shops or your daily commute, the goal is always to get yourself and your passengers there safely. 

But things don’t always go to plan. Nobody chooses to be involved in a car accident but unfortunately, they can happen. 

When people are injured in an accident it’s important to know what happens next, and how to help ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved. 

While car insurance covers the damage to cars and property there’s another, arguably more important, type of insurance that exists to help people, specifically those who have been injured in a road accident – Compulsory Third Party Insurance. 

What’s CTP?

Compulsory Third Party Insurance, or CTP, is a mandatory insurance you purchase before you register your car. Also known as a Green Slip, it covers you (and anyone who drives your car) in an accident where you are at fault and someone else is injured as a result. Think of it as insurance for people, not property.

How does it work?

Hopefully you’ll never need to call on your CTP Insurance, but for a moment, picture this scenario as an example: 

It’s a rainy day and you’re driving to work. You turn a corner, lose traction and accidentally collide with another car. The driver of that car (or a passenger) is injured, and they need medical attention. They will probably also need a week off work while they recover.

So, who do you turn to in a situation like this? Who will help with the other person’s medical expenses? Or their potential loss of income? Thankfully, you’re covered, so they are too. Once they put in a claim, your CTP is already in place to ensure that person gets the help they need to recover, and reimbursement for expenses they have incurred as a result of the accident. 

What if it’s not my fault?

CTP Insurance means that anyone who is injured in a road accident, regardless of fault, will have access to medical treatment and income support for up to six months. Those not at fault with serious injuries are entitled to ongoing care and support for over six months, to help them get better. 

Fortunately, your Green Slip also helps you if you’re injured in the accident. NRMA’s CTP Green Slip offers Driver Protection Cover if you’re at fault so you can get the treatment you need to get back on your feet, too. 

Why is CTP better now?

Quite a lot has changed to CTP recently across the board, resulting in some big improvements for NSW drivers, including:

  • Shorter wait times for injured people to claim and receive benefits 
  • Lower premiums on CTP, saving you money
  • Helping people access and utilise recovery services faster

How can we help?

With our origins in driver assistance, NRMA has been helping Australians whenever and wherever they’ve needed a hand, for over 90 years. And now we’re doing it even better,  with one of the most affordable Green Slips on the market. Hop online to get a quote.  

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