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Stay safe on your bike

Stay safe on your bike

Even experienced riders will tell you that to ride safe you always have to consider other factors such as other vehicles on the road, less experienced drivers, or unpredictable weather conditions.

Here are seven safety tips to help you continue to enjoy the road on your motorcycle.

1. Drive to your limits

No matter your level of experience riding a motorcycle, it’s important to ride within your and your machine's limits.

Drive defensively and if you want to challenge yourself, do so in a controlled environment to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

Check out companies like Stay Upright that offer training courses and advanced rider tracks in Australia. 

2. Check the weather reports

Before taking your motorcycle out, make sure to check the weather reports for the day.

Rain can significantly reduce your visibility and make the road conditions hazardous.

If the weather is severe, stay at home or get off the road until  the grit and oil washes away and the road is not as slippery.

If you're doing a long road trip take regular breaks. Driver fatigue is one of the biggest causes of bike accidents.

3. Wear the right gear

It may be tempting to go out without proper protective clothing, especially in hot weather, but if you come off your bike you'll be headed for some serious physical damage.

Make sure you have shoes that are sturdy and that don't have soles with a smooth heel, that increase the risks of slipping off during a gear change or losing balance while coming to a stop.

Good bike gear can be expensive but not having it can cost you more. Invest in proper kit.

4. Keep your passenger safe

Going out with a friend for a ride is one of the fun parts of owning a bike.

If you've never ridden together before, or they've not ridden pillion, then have a practice run in a safe environment like an empty car park so you can both get adjusted to the weight and balance and work out communication while you ride.

The passenger should also have the appropriate safety gear including boots, leathers and a helmet.

Check out this guide to carrying pillion passengers.

5. Cover up

Bikes are expensive so make sure you have good motorbike insurance cover in case you do have an accident.

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