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Top gift ideas for riders

Top gift ideas for riders

What do you get for that special someone who is already tuned in to the high octane thrill of motorcycling?

They probably already have a helmet, boots and leathers – and selecting these kinds of items for a biker can be tricky, as the choice is usually a very personal one. 

Don’t fret - we’ve compiled four killer gift ideas for that special motorcycle enthusiast in your life.

Track day vouchers

Going out for a cruise on the bike is a time-honoured thrill and pleasure, but it's still governed by the rules and laws of the road.

To really let loose and experience all the fun and unbridled enjoyment of being on a bike, you need to get on the track.

It's this element which makes a track day voucher such a great idea.

A track day gives a motorcyclist the chance to really get to grips with their machine and to indulge a deeply held love of all things speedy and two wheeled.

For vintage bike fans this motorcycle gift becomes even more suitable, as track days are available for bikers to try out some classic bikes within the safe and controlled environment of the track.

Search for your local track online to get a voucher.

Portable mini air compressor

Different riding styles and terrains call for different tyre pressures, something which the portable mini air compressor can help you achieve with ease.

Ryan from motorcycle blog Fort Nine, is a particularly big fan of this gift, citing how its compact nature and supreme versatility make it the perfect pressie.

If the motorcycle enthusiast close to your heart is a fan of dirt and trail riding as well as road riding, tthe portable compressors enables them to pursue their hobby with greater ease than ever before.

GoPro camera

Recording your ride is a pretty popular pastime among motorcycle enthusiasts and can be a great way to document an amazing journey through stunning terrain, or to preserve classic moments spent with classic pieces of machinery.

The invention of the GoPro blew this open road selfie wide open.

No longer did a biker need to be a cinematically trained cameraman, with a level of disposable income matching the budget of a mid-level Hollywood film to record their riding.

Instead, they simply need to enlist the services of this handy piece of kit.

Logistical luggage

Being out on a motorbike is great fun, but sometimes it lacks the practical side of other vehicles. If you need to take 'stuff' with you, motorbikes can be limited. 

But there are ways to pack your belongings on a motorcycle - you just need the right gear.

This is why luggage pieces make for fantastic motorcycle gift ideas.

There are a vast array of different pieces available, each designed specifically to be portable on a motorbike, secure during the ride and while stored, and hard wearing enough to give peace of mind to the user.

Waterproof roll bags, streamlined tank bags or collapsible tail bags can all make the rider’s life that little bit easier and also more comfortable.

Biker shoes

Biker boots need to be incredibly sturdy and well-designed to provide safety and comfort during a ride, but the traditional boot is not the only option available.

Biker shoes can offer an element of style and luxury without compromising on the safety aspect.

Aimee from Motorcycle Superstore, highlights the Dainese Street Biker Air Shoe in this YouTube video.

“I'm an absolute fan girl of these shoes,” she says.

“They are super comfortable, with a secure flat sole which does not slip around. This is a CE certified shoe with ankle discs on both sides, so you're going to be comfortable but also protected."

Secure helmet holder

A rider’s helmet is not only a necessity, it will rapidly become a very personal companion after hundreds of hours spent getting up close and very personal with it.

Because of this, the helmet becomes an extension of the rider themselves, and its theft or loss can be a very upsetting experience.

A secure helmet holder makes it simple for the motorcycle enthusiast to lock the helmet in place when they leave their bike, keeping it safe, secure and within reach when they return.

As well as being extremely convenient for the rider, the security element demonstrates responsible ownership; something, which can help to bring motorbike insurance premiums down.

Happy riding!


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