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Top tips for a safe summer road trip

Top tips for a safe summer road trip

Summer’s arrived, our sleeves are shorter, and the aircon’s on almost every time we hop in the car. Someone suggests road trip, and boom! Just like that you’re excitedabout the holidays.

Just think about it – long winding roads to nowhere, beautiful new places to visit,cute little coffee shops that make homemade scones, jam and freshly churned cream, (thanks to Bessie the cow in the paddock). But it’sone thing to spontaneously hit the road, and another to plan ahead. Of course, opting for the latter is the smarter way to travel. Here’s some tips to master safe drivingon a summer road trip:

Road worthy

When was the last time you had a check-up at the mechanic? If you’re struggling to remember, then now’s probably a good time for a once over. After all, safe driving means having your car in tip top shape before hitting the road. This means making sure to double check your car’s fluids, lights, brake pads, wheels and tyres to make sure they’re functioning correctly.Don’t forget to refill on the water tank for your wipers. You’ll need a crystal clean windscreen for dirt roads or splattered bugs. 


Whatever time of day you drive, if your windows aren’t tinted, you’ll want to wear polarised sunnies if you don’t already sport some. If the thought of expensive sunnies gets you anxious, don’t sweat it. The cost of polarised sunglasses rangesfrom low to high according to where you decide to purchase them from, with the least expensive usually availableat your local pharmacy. 


Sure,you’ve got your car sorted by now, but what about yourself? And your passengers?The last thing you want is to be thirsty on a road trip. You know that feeling when your throat is dry, and you’re completely parched? Well that’s what you want to avoid. Have a filled bottle of H2O for everyone and remember to bring a cooler box or bag. Because before you know it, you’ll be driving for two hours, you’ll stop to stretch your legs, it’ll be scorching hot outside and the cooler bag will be your savior.


Now this is a broad term. Do we mean sunscreen or the right kind of insurance for your car? When it comes to your summertime road trip,we actually mean both. 


Whether your windows are tinted or not, it’s a good idea to slap on some sunscreen before you even step foot into the car for that added sun safety. Even if you have a super early morning start, you’ll want to prepare for when the heat of the sun comes burning down. You may not notice it from the cool air con around you, but the sun’s cheeky UV rays still seeps through. For the driver and front passenger, we recommend a sunscreen for face and hands.


Have you checkedto see if your insurance is up to date? Have you got all the right boxesticked? You may not know this, but you can adjust your insurance to suit your needs. And if safer driving includes upgrading your policy to get roadside assistance, more towing kilometers, or windscreen cover in case you’re faced with damage on a dirt road, now’s the time to think about adding extras or adjusting your policy to suit the holidays.


Getting the right directionsto where you want to go is not always as simple as you think. What’s more, there can be road interruptions, heavy traffic to consider oraccidents hundreds of kilometers ahead that could impactyour journey. So,what’s the best map to use? Don’t know about you, but it’s been a very long time since we opened up a paper roadmap.Digital maps like google mapsis often the map of choice, especially when it comes to the driving directions to get you to your summer destination.


Got a couple of young tykes to cater for? We all remember what it was like to feel stuck in a car for what seemed like an eternity.Have some delicious snacks handy, travel friendly board games and a smart tablet forwatching movies or playing digital games. It’s fun to mix it up, so keep markers and a drawing pad nearby for the sudden inspiration of sketching what they see out the window. Remember those drives at the back of the car that would lull you to sleep in minutes? Have a pillow handy if there’s room and save their little heads from nodding forward abruptly. After all, it’s not only about keeping kids occupied and entertained in the car, it’s about makingsure they’re comfortable too. 

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