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Wedding car trends

Wedding car trends

Cars and romance go surprisingly hand-in-hand.

The car you first get picked up in to go on a date. The car you have your first kiss in. And the car that takes you to your wedding.

Starring role

Choosing the transport for your big day is traditionally a job left for the groom, but wedding cars have become much more than just a way to get to the venue. 

Now they play a starring role in the event.

Vintage glamour

So what style of wedding car is currently the most popular?

According to Australia's largest wedding directory Easy Weddings, top of the wish list is 'something old'.

  • 36% Vintage/Classic
  • 26% Limousine
  • 20% Modern
  • 8.4 % Sports
  • 4.6% Hummer
  • 3.7 % Hot Rod     

Beautiful styling

If you're planning a wedding, check out these four wedding car trends.

1. Grand style - classic/vintage

Vintage Wedding Car With Flowers

Fashions for wedding cars come and go, but classic cars remain a top favourite for brides.

Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s, both vintage and modern are still the most sought after cars for weddings.

Jaguars and Mercedes are also increasingly popular.

The sophistication and style of a classic car looks amazing in photos, plus their spaciousness means you can fit bridesmaids and groomsmen in too.

2. Show stopping - retro

Retro Wedding Car With Bride

Cars from the 50s and 60s are in huge demand for weddings.

Everything from Classic American Cruisers, like a Cadillac, Mustang or a Chevrolet to Citroens and VW Beetles.

Perfect if you want to theme your wedding, or you just want to add colour, fun and a nostalgic vibe.

3. Unique charm - personalised

  Garland of flowers on wedding car

With most couples wanting to make every part of their special day unique and individual, wedding cars are also being customised to match wedding themes. 

The latest trend is car garlands, with cars decked out to match bouquets and floral arrangements.

4. Cool colour

According to luxury car hire company Triple R, in the 80s and 90s, wedding fleets were almost exclusively white.

Now two-tone in classic cars is one of the most requested colour schemes, with black coming in a close second.

Elegant cars often book out far in advance, so don't leave them until the last moment.

If you're using your own car and someone else is driving it on the day, make sure you have any driver insurance cover.

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