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What are the most stolen cars in Australia?

24 October 2021

What are the most stolen cars in Australia?

In the past year, more than 45,000 cars were pinched.

Did you know that in Australia a car is stolen every 11 minutes? What’s more shocking is that 70 per cent of cars are stolen with their own keys!

And 21st century robbers aren’t shy either. They seem quite gutsy considering half of all cars stolen are taken from the home; including too close to comfort areas like driveways, carports, and garages.

Offenders will even take advantage of unlocked doors and windows and sneak into homes to do a quick sneak theft of your car keys, leaving you carless and clueless as to how it happened.

Revealed: The cars most likely to be stolen

According to data from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger have been the two most popular stolen vehicles in the country for the past several years.

There are two good reasons the HiLux is one of the most stolen cars across the country. Firstly, in terms of utilities and cabs, it’s the most sold 4WD in Australia. So, being a popular car means this vehicle will have an incredibly active black market for parts. Secondly, they’re also a very sought-after car across the world – particularly in developing nations – so parts are red hot for putting in containers.

But the good news is that nationally, motor vehicle theft declined 15 per cent (8,385 thefts) in the 2020/21 financial year to a total of 47,803, making it the lowest theft figure recorded since 2001/02.

States with the highest car theft

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council’s motor vehicle theft dashboard shows that in the financial year of 2020/21 there were a total of 47,803 thefts.

Nationwide, the highest percentage of theft occurred in Queensland with a total of 12,977 (27.1%) thefts.

Victoria is next on the list with a total of 12,651 thefts recorded, followed by New South Wales at 10,896 thefts.

Western Australia comes next with 5,635 thefts, followed by the Australian Capital Territory at 1,176 thefts, then South Australia (2,802 thefts), Tasmania (996 thefts), and the Northern Territory (670 thefts).

How to reduce your risk of theft

Having your car stolen can be stressful and costly. And although most of us might think it won’t happen to us, the harsh reality is around one in every 120 Australian homes falls victim to car criminals each year.

The good news is by taking these three simple precautions you can greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of theft:

  1. Keep your keys out of sight. It may seem convenient to hang them on a key rack or place them in a trinket dish next to the front door, but these spots are all easily accessible and noticeable to robbers.

  2. Lock all your doors and windows and make sure everyone else in the family is remembering to do the same.

  3. Increase the security of your car by locking it in your garage instead of parking on the street.

Protect your car from theft

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