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5 ways to add exercise to your work day

5 ways to add exercise to your work day

Ever feel like you’ve got so many commitments that there’s not enough time to run from one to the next, let alone squeeze in a workout on the way?

That’s where incidental exercise comes in!

If you’ve never heard of it before, incidental exercise is the stuff you do when you’re not thinking about exercise, and it can have a really positive impact on your health.

Check out these simple ways to add it into your work day.

Get off the bus or train 1-2 stops early

You’ve probably heard this idea before, but we’re here to tell you that it really works!

Getting off a stop or two early could add up to 30+ minutes of bonus movement to each day.

You don’t have to power walk (if you don’t want to); even a steady pace is much better for you than sitting on public transport. 

Become a stair master 

Heading to a meeting on a nearby floor?

Avoid the eye rolls of your fellow lift passengers by walking there instead.

Feeling particularly energetic?

Take the stairs instead of the lift all the way from the ground floor in the morning… just make sure you can access the floor you’re heading to from the stairwell, you don’t want to get stuck in there.

Do in-person catch ups

Hands up if you’ve ever called someone while you could actually see them… yep, we’ve all done it.

Sure, sometimes phone, messenger or Jabber is quicker, but if you’ve got the time, walking over to chat to someone is much better for your health – and generally you’ll have a better conversation too.

Stand more often

Got access to a standing desk? Use it!

If not, try conducting your face-to-face meetings standing up for a change – even just the first 10 minutes.

Standing will get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing much better than sitting.

If this isn’t an option either, try getting up every hour or so for a short walk around your floor instead.


Fun fact: fidgeters can burn up to an extra 350 calories per day than people who don’t fidget (although this is very dependent on the type of fidgeting that you do).

Be mindful not to distract the people around you, but a little wriggling in your chair or rocking back and forth onto your tippy toes probably won’t hurt.

And if you’re working from home, don’t be afraid to go hard! Think toe tapping, bouncing around, jumping up and down… whatever takes your fancy!

Article by Jess Robinson, a writer working in the IAG Internal Communications Team. Jess is also a Personal Trainer, who's passionate about health and fitness and in her spare time runs Lazy Girl Fitness, a blog which aims to make good health accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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