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The hottest toys this Christmas

The hottest toys this Christmas

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES is easily the hottest toy this festive season.

Unfortunately, this retro, miniature version of the original 1986 video game console with a HDMI port, a wireless controller and 30 inbuilt games is hard to source in Australia because of its popularity. 

If you see one get in fast. If you miss out - don't panic.

Because the good news is, there are plenty of other super popular toys this Christmas and we've made a list of the top choices, so you can still bring joy to the faces of those you love come Dec 25th.

Old is new

Just like the Nintendo Classic, this year updated versions of some older classics toys are in vogue with the kids.

Luke Jones, Store Manager at toy store Zing Pop Culture told us, “some toys just get clever updates which make them cool again, like the View-Master or Simon, but the popularity of others are driven by the release of new versions of old TV shows, movies or video games, like Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon".

"Those are flying off the shelves right now.”

Luke gave us his list of got-to-haves and we tracked down some others that are filling shopping baskets as we speak:

New is new

Of course each year brings a new batch of must-have toys that has parents lining up at the stores and as Cailey Barrow, Store Manager at Moore Park Supa Centre Toys “R” Us pointed out to us, “that’s being driven by what kids see online".

"Even four or five year olds have iPads these days, so they come in knowing what they want better than their parents do.

In previous years parents were asking for learning-related toys, but now the kids are asking for toys that are more entertainment-related.”

Cailey, compiled a list of hot ticket items:

Always popular

Some toys never go out of style.

Chances are you played with an earlier version of one of these when you were a kid.

As Cailey told us, “we have an aisle dedicated for some of these brands".

"They sell all year long, but come Christmas time, people go nuts for them."

 It’s hard to go wrong with any gift from these toy giants, but here are some specific suggestions that are selling like hot cakes:

Finally, if you buy a few big ticket items this year, don't forget to add them to your Home Contents Insurance.




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