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Take the Sloway these holidays

Take the Sloway these holidays

Holiday makers heading for regional parts of the country means more cars and caravans on the roads and ultimately more traffic – which can often add stress to a fun-filled trip. So instead of travelling the usual path, why not take the Sloway?

Destination: Sloway

The Sloway is a caravan friendly route to encourage Australians to get off the highways and embrace all that regional communities have to offer. By taking the Sloway, you’ll not only experience a more relaxing journey, you’ll also be supporting Aussie towns and businesses that need your help. Every dollar you spend makes a difference, so enjoy meandering through as many bakeries, pubs and local shop fronts as you like.

To help you on your journey of embracing the slow way of life, we’ve created a list of holiday attractions, resorts, parks and regional towns to visit where nobody is too busy to say “G’day” and there’s always time to watch the sun go down.

You can choose which NRMA Sloway route you’d like to take – whether it’s slowing down in the Sunshine State from the Gold Coast to Yeppoon or heading for the sunset from Sydney to Byron Bay – we’ve got you covered.

Create your own Sloway itinerary

After such a hectic and unprecedented year, what better way to support regional communities and protect the slow way of life while you’re at it?

Perhaps you’d like to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in the Brisbane suburb of Fig Tree Pocket so that the kids can say they’ve been to the world's oldest and largest koala sanctuary and helped support our country’s endangered species. Or maybe a pub feed and refreshing drink to quench your thirst at The Eltham Hotel is more your thing?

Whatever your desired destination may be, leave the hustle and bustle behind to explore our country’s long, open roads and reconnect with the world on your personally curated Sloway route.

Create your own Sloway itinerary by marking out the local nuggets you’d like to explore on our map of Australia’s east coast. You can add or remove as many destinations as you like. Once you’re done you can send the itinerary to your email so that you have access to it from the palm of your hand – no matter where you are in the country.

Protect your caravan

But before you set off on your Sloway adventure, make sure you’re covered. NRMA Caravan Insurance covers your touring caravan, on-site caravan and trailer anywhere in Australia against accidental damage, fire, storm, theft or attempted theft, vandalism and more.

Check before you travel

It’s a good idea to check your travel path for traffic updates and weather warnings. Above all, drive safe, take regular breaks and always follow the road rules and state laws to ensure you help keep everyone safe on our roads these holidays.

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