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 The big move

 The big move

According to moving data from Australia Post, Aussies are packing up from the inner-cities and remote rural areas, and heading to coastal and regional towns in search of a better, more balanced lifestyle.

Out of reach

In the last four years, more than seven million Australians moved homes and many to a new part of the country. The combination of high city property prices and the increased ability to work remotely, is leading Aussies to opt for a tree change or sea change in growing numbers.

Removal van parked outside house

Stress free, debt free

So what's the appeal?

No stressful commute, the chance to live with less or no debt, being able to afford a family home with a big garden, a sense of community and being closer to nature are all reasons why Aussies are on the move.

Which is why migration to Regional NSW and Regional VIC is at its highest in at least 10 years, with promotions like Evocities helping sell the positives of life in regional cities.

Two removal men lifting boxes upstairs

Cheaper housing

With Sydney being ranked the second most expensive city in the world in last year’s, Demographia International Housing Affordability survey, it's hardly surprising that over 23K Sydneysiders left in 2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Macquarie Bank has reported that of these, quite a few Sydney homeowners are swapping their million-dollar homes in favour of cheaper houses and mortgages in the Sunshine State.

"People have been leaving New South Wales at a faster pace over the past couple of years and movement into the traditional destination of Queensland is picking up," Macquarie's wealth management unit said.

A tale of two cities

Still others are swapping Sydney for another city, such as Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, according to the 2016 internal migration statistics by the ABS.

So where are the most popular destinations for Australians this year?

Table of where Australians are moving to.

Top 5 destinations

  • Tasmania, particularly the South East is the area with the most people moving in, with a net gain of 28%
  • The Southern Highlands, south of Sydney is next at 22%
  • Richmond/Tweed area, which includes Byron Bay and Lismore is just behind at 18%
  • The NSW mid-north coast, which takes in Taree and Port Macquarie closely follows at 17% 
  • Finally, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is ranked fifth on the list of regions with the most people arriving

Moving stories

Are you thinking of moving city or interstate this year? We'd love to hear where you are going and why. Let us know in the comments below.

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