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Do a bedroom makeover

Do a bedroom makeover

Redecorating your bedroom can be time consuming and expensive. Plus if you rent, there's a limit to how much you can change.

But if your bedroom needs a revamp you can shortcut by replacing a few items and end up with a whole new look.

The Hub set out to see what you could achieve with a budget of $200. 

We checked out Kmart, which has developed a range of affordable, yet stylish homewares. 


Bedroom Linen Sets

Image by Kmart

Warmer weather calls for cool bedlinen.

New sheets, pillowcases and doona covers are all inexpensive ways to transform your bedroom.

And new bedding means you can start and end each day with a feeling of luxury.

It’s not just the weight of your bedding that’s important - choose some of this season's on trend pastel shades for a brighter, lighter look.


Pictures of chairs and lamps

Image by Kmart

It’s important to be able to make space to de-stress.

Creating a personalised, relaxing nook in your bedroom will give you a private spot to chill out.

A comfortable chair, bean bag or floor cushion is an essential part of a cosy corner, so you can curl up in style.

A lovely table lamp will keep you reading long into the night and can make a great feature piece.


Pictures of cushions and rugs

Image by Kmart

Transforming your boudoir can be as simple as adding some cushions and rugs.

Choosing a vibrant hue to your new decor can breathe life into a dull space.

Mix and match materials, textures and textiles to transform a room and aim for a cohesive, uncluttered look.



Image by Kmart

A simple way to bring a little life into your bedroom is with some greenery. 

Small planters can have a big impact and can improve air quality.

Inspired? You can makeover your bedroom in a couple of hours - have fun!

And if you are renting - make sure your new belongings are covered in case anything happens to them.

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