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FireBlanket - virtual bushfire detection technology

FireBlanket - virtual bushfire detection technology

NRMA Insurance has been working on an early bushfire detection and monitoring network.

The prototype is designed to sense, locate and track bushfire smoke while spreading a virtual safety blanket over at-risk communities.

Work on the project has being going for two years and NRMA Insurance are now testing to ensure the prototype can work as intended.

The technology consists of a network of sensor nodes, which sit within bushland at distances apart, that can all talk to each other and sniff the air constantly to detect signs of bushfire smoke.

This helps pinpoint the exact location of the start of a bushfire.

A spokesperson for NRMA Insurance said, "this is a demonstration of living our purpose to help minimise the impact of bushfires on communities".

"We've seen the devastation first hand and strive to help our customers not only after a natural disaster, but to help protect before it happens too."

Watch this video on how FireBlanket works.


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