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Insurance 4 That: Single item cover

27 October 2021

Insurance 4 That: Single item cover

Cover your items for theft and accidental damage.

It’s known that a great way to protect the valuable possessions in your home is with Home Contents Insurance. Regardless of if you rent or own, it provides you with peace of mind knowing that the things you’ve worked hard for and treasure most are covered.

However, sometimes covering all your contents may be unnecessary. That’s why we provide Insurance 4 That – single item insurance.

What is Insurance 4 That?

Insurance 4 That is simple, affordable insurance for things in your home, such as your electronics, jewellery and even sporting and camping equipment. The single item insurance is available for anyone in SA, WA, QLD, NSW, ACT or  TAS. If you’re from these areas, all you have to do is choose the single items you want to insure and how much to insure it for.

Insurance 4 That covers items including:

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Personal electronics 

  • Tablets

  • Cameras

  • Musical instruments

  • Mobile phones

  • Home theatre systems

  • Appliances

  • Gaming consoles and accessories

  • Furniture

  • Sporting and camping equipment 

  • Bicycles

  • Jewellery

Who should use Insurance 4 That?

Insurance 4 That is for anyone looking to cover only selective contents. Otherwise, it’s ideal for people who depend on their portable items to maintain their lifestyle – students who live in share houses are a perfect example.

It’s also great for parents wanting to protect the laptops and tablets they buy their children for school.

What am I protected against?

When you take out an Insurance 4 That policy, you’re covered for the repair or replacement of the items you choose to insure in the event of theft, a fire, storm, cyclone or flood.

Insurance coverage for portable items

We understand not all items in your home live there permanently. When you leave, maybe your laptop, guitar, camera or mobile phone goes with you – so what then?

Not to worry, for a small fee NRMA offers options that extend your cover for theft and/or accidental damage to your portable items anywhere in Australia.

How much insurance can I get?

Insurance 4 That allows you to choose the amount you want to insure for (sum insured), so if you buy a $2,000 laptop you can insure it for $2,000, or less if you prefer.

Proof of value is not required to take out a policy, but proof of ownership will be needed if the item is damaged or stolen and you need to make a claim.

Insurance that saves you time and money

Insurance 4 That gives you flexibility by letting you insure a single item, and you can also choose to pay your premium in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments to suit your budget.

Plus, if you choose to pay annually, you'll get a 10% discount.

What to do if you need to claim

Making a claim is easy and can all be done online.

Keep in mind that if your item is damaged and you need to make a claim, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership – like a receipt or a photo of the item.

If the item is stolen, you’ll also need to file a police report so you can provide the police report number when you make your claim.

Find out more about Insurance 4 That here.


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