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Protect your home for stress-free Easter entertaining

Protect your home for stress-free Easter entertaining

Having an Easter get-together? 

For many of us, Easter is a time for celebrating, feasting and indulging in way too much chocolate (or maybe that’s just us). If you’ve invited your nearest and dearest over, now’s the time to do your party prep and get your home ready to entertain – and we don’t mean cleaning the windows. We’re talking about protecting it from accidents, slip-ups and yes, even (some of) your dear guests. Here’s how.

Safety first

Having a safe environment for your guests is the most important thing, so make this a priority. Wind up your hose, secure any broken steps or tiles on your porch and put away ladders or other garden tools that might be lying around.

The same applies indoors. Secure any loose power cables around your home that could be a trip hazard and use anti-slip underlay for rugs or runners on hard floors that could be at risk of sliding.

Ensure your kitchen has a fire blanket. On the day of your get-together, try to keep guests away from ovens, cooktops and barbecues at all times and be careful not to become distracted by other guests while you’re cooking.

Make space and declutter

If you’re a no-shoe household, placing a shoe rack or shelf near your front door to offer guests isn’t just considerate, but also a great way to reduce clutter. A coat rack is also a god idea to keep jackets, bags and umbrellas out of the way.

If you’re concerned about Nanna’s heirloom vase or your snow-globe collection being knocked over, put them away before your guests arrive. After all, it’s only temporary and you’ll feel better knowing they’re safe from accidental damage.

Put items like small electronics and TV remote controls away somewhere safe, as they can easily become misplaced during a party. This way you won’t have to hunt for them later.

Protect your soft furnishings

Textiles like carpet can really bear the brunt of a party, especially if everyone’s milling around with food and drinks. So, plan ahead to protect your soft furnishings.

Think about where you’re planning to serve food and plan your menu accordingly. When you’re entertaining indoors, keep in mind that bowls of tomato sauce or beetroot dip could be problematic and snacks like cheese and crackers are much easier to vacuum up later on.

If you’re serving food buffet-style, set up in the kitchen so any spills can be quickly wiped or mopped up. Try to make sure there are enough seats for guests to sit down with their plates, so they don’t need to roam around. And don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a throw rug or two over the arms of your sofa, especially if there are chocolatey little fingers about – after all, it is Easter!

Should the odd spill or drip happen, try not to panic. Keep a packet of baby wipes on hand, because as most mums will tell you, they’re great for virtually any food-related mishap.

Don’t fret about your pet

It’s important to note that our pets need protecting too at this time of year. While they’re much-loved family members, our pets can be unintentional troublemakers when there’s a full house, especially if there’s food around.

Please keep in mind that chocolate is toxic for both dogs and cats. While cats are pickier, dogs are notoriously greedy so, if you’re doing an Easter egg hunt with the kids, it’s a good idea to restrain pets before you hide any chocolate eggs. When the hunt is finished, do a quick count to make sure none have been missed before you let Fido and Fluffy out, just in case.

Protect your peace of mind

The only thing left to do is make sure your home contents insurance is up to date. Whether you rent or own, home contents insurance lets you protect the things that are important to you. After all, could you replace your contents if something happened to them?

NRMA Insurance offers cover for fire, flood and storm, and theft – even if you forget to lock up. If you need to check your policy or get a quote, contact NRMA Insurance on 132 132 or go online 24/7 to get a quote.

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