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Tiny homes

Tiny homes

The explosion of interest in tiny homes isn’t just about the aesthetics of having a small but perfectly formed habitat - tho' tiny homes are certainly cute.

Tiny homes are also about downsizing your lifestyle, embracing minimalism, living within your means and in some cases, becoming much more sustainable.

Companies that make tiny homes are mushrooming all over Australia because demand is so high. 

We looked at a few of the options.

The eco tiny home

Self-sufficiency is one of the most enticing aspects of a tiny home, particularly for the environmentally conscious.

A tiny home with off the grid systems, such as composting toilets and solar panels, which can produce its own electricity and heating offers a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the average Australian household.

Which, in a world of rising energy bills, makes it very cheap to run from a utilities perspective.

Companies such as the family owned Designer Eco Homes in Ulladulla, NSW has almost an eight month waiting list for their high-end, customisable and completely transportable tiny homes.

The budget tiny home

The low cost of purchasing or constructing a tiny home, particularly given Australia’s current housing market, is also a significant reason why tiny homes are so popular.

Spending less than $100,000 on a house can help to free your life from the financial stress of a mortgage.

Imagine what you could do without rent or monthly repayments over your head.

Kit tiny homes that can be self assembled, one's made out of shipping containers, or even self built one's can come in even cheaper, depending on how much work you are able to do on them yourself. 

The stylish tiny home

A tiny home doesn’t have to be boring.

Many tiny homes incorporate amazing design elements and combine rustic and modern aesthetics, often with Scandinavian influences.

High ceilings lend a sense of spaciousness and add the functionality of a loft space.

More than any specific aesthetic style, the defining trait of tiny homes is thoughtful and innovative design that maximises space, embraces functionality and is easily customisable to the preferences and tastes of the individual owner and their lifestyle.

Designer builders such as BAA House are creating stunning spaces on the small scale.

The minimalist tiny home

Have you ever felt bogged down by material possessions? 

Limiting your space means removing some of the possessions you likely have filling your house, none of which you can imagine getting rid of, but few you’ve used recently.

A tiny home is a motivator to declutter, so in essence embracing a tiny home lifestyle is akin to shedding materialism and embracing functionality.

Freedom is at the heart of tiny home ownership.

Living big in a tiny home

Barbra and Tom from Brisbane, bought their mobile tiny home for $84K in February and put it in their large back garden.

"We rent it out so it helps  pay off the mortgage, but more than that, when the kids are gone we want to buy some land and move it there and go off grid. That way we can live mortgage free. I actually love it more than our family home - it's so much fun to live tiny."

Once you've invested in your tiny home remember to insure it. 

Speak to your insurance company about what kind of insurance you need.


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