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Top items to be stolen

Top items to be stolen

The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed the items most likely to be stolen from your home. 

According to an article by Siobhan Ryan, "high-tech items – likely to be popular Christmas gifts – are among the top 10 items likely to be reported stolen, according to insurers".

The data refers to thefts in NSW during the 2016-17 financial year, according to NRMA Insurance.

Bling and phones 

"Jewellery took the top spot with NRMA Insurance receiving more than 5300 stolen jewellery claims, second on the list was mobile phones," said Ryan.

Tech and cash

"Laptops and notebooks, cash and multimedia tablets rounded out third, fourth and fifth places, making the results similar to data released by Australia's largest general insurer, IAG, last year," said Ryan.

NRMA Insurance also received more than 2300 claims in this category.

Portable items targeted

NRMA Insurance told Fairfax Media: "Our latest claims data shows that thieves are targeting lightweight and portable items, with jewellery items like bracelets, necklaces and rings being the most popular items for burglars.

With the growing popularity of digital devices, it's not surprising to see that gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also high up the list of the most popular stolen items."

According to NRMA Insurance, the average cost of replacing a stolen gadget is about $5000.

Holiday security

The holiday season is a high risk time of the year for theft and burglary.

Properties filled with new gifts, combined with the fact that many houses are left empty for summer breaks, means the odds of being broken into increase.

Read more about keeping your home safe from break-ins here.

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