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Stranger Claims

Stranger Claims

Five frightfully batty claims

The moon laughs and whispers near Halloween

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen

When the ghosts and ghouls come out to play

It’s time to keep uncertain danger at bay

The possibility of damage, illness, loss or death

Can affect your car, home, life or even your beloved pet

Nevertheless, be sure you’re protected to avoid distress

Perhaps choose NRMA because covering you is what we do best

We devour the chance to keep your worries at rest

So, let us show you how insurance has your best interests at heart

Feast your eyes on tales of the strangest claims below to start


Tales from the other side of the world


1. The Disappearing Camper Van

Rewind to 1974, just before the end of the Vietnam war. Michelle Squires, a woman from Washington USA, took her blue 1965 Volkswagen VW minibus – AKA ‘the hippie van’ – to an auto shop to get the upholstery redone. Expecting to pick up her beloved van with a brand-new fold-down bed installed in the back, she was left dumb-founded when her vehicle was reported missing. Michelle made a claim with her insurer, Allstate Insurance Company and was reimbursed roughly $600 – around the same amount she paid for the van.


Fast-forward 35 years when the blue van was found in pristine condition by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in Los Angeles. The VW minibus was hidden in a shipping container on its way to Germany along with several vintage Volkswagens. Still perfectly running, the van now belongs to the insurance company and is valued at around $25,000.


2. Are you insured? Then fire away

Ron Hettler of Hettler Insurance Agency in Texas recalls an unusual claim from his first year in the business. His client was driving around town in his pickup truck with his beloved shotgun in the passenger’s seat. When he arrived at his destination, he quickly grabbed his firearm and jumped out of his truck, losing hold of his shotgun and forcing it to fire. The client can’t remember whether or not he set it off while gripping it or if it went off by itself as it hit the ground.


The truck’s interior was horribly damaged – the headliner, seat covers, and dashboard suffered greatly. With comprehensive cover, the client was protected and learnt a valuable lesson – never let your gun ride shotgun.


Tales from our NRMA customers

3. A mob of ravenous roos cause chaos

Kangaroos: they’re native to Australia and are even one of the most symbolic characters on the Aussie coat of arms. Cute, furry and playful – we think not. Don’t let these fuzzy marsupials fool you. These powerful creatures have mighty hind legs and large feet, made perfectly for leaping and stomping – a realisation a couple of unlucky NRMA customers would soon find out…    


It all started with both hands on the wheel. Our customers were driving along the stretched Aussie roads but had no idea what was to come. In the distance they spotted a brown blob but as they got closer, they realised they were soon approaching a mob of kangaroos. With a swift skip, jump and a hop, the flock of roos collided with the car, bouncing and stamping all over its bonnet. The damage caused was an unsightly scene.


4. Paint so tasty, it’s cow licking good

Did you know cows are partially colour-blind and have only two colour receptors? However, tastebuds are something they don’t lack – a fact our customers figured out when a herd of cows found the paint on their car to be oh so tasty. Sure enough, the cows crazy car feast resulted in a total write off. So our customers did what they knew was necessary – they made a claim and were completely covered.


5. Washed out in flooded waters

When flooded waters hit the last thing you want is to be caught in the storm. Many of our NRMA customers have been stuck in this sticky (and very soggy) situation. Take Daniela for example. It was a dark and gloomy afternoon. The harsh pounding of the rain was so tough it sounded like hail hammering the roof. But that wouldn’t stop Daniela from venturing out to her best friend – who was all alone and afraid. As she drove along the main road, she battled the unkind conditions, not knowing she was in for a fright. The forceful strength of the flooded waters broke through a barricade on the side of the road and washed her car into the murky flood. As water filled her vehicle, she thought her life would come to an end. It was the caring nature of a passing traveller who smashed her window to save the damsel in distress. Carrying her out of the car onto safe land, Daniela lived on to tell her tale of the flooded waters.


Halloween calls for offbeat claims. However shocking these tales are, they did in fact happen to real people. And at NRMA we have you covered for whatever weird and wacky situations you may face.

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