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10 awesome apps for travellers

10 awesome apps for travellers

Whether you’re heading overseas on a holiday of a lifetime, a regular business traveler or just planning a weekend away, these 10 nifty travel apps could make your next journey a little faster, cheaper and smarter.

1. Skyscanner

This global travel search app compares flight prices and schedules for hundreds of airlines on 200,000 routes to 5000 airports so you can get a killer deal. Skyscanner can also direct you to your chosen airline, hotel, car hire provider or travel agency for you to complete the booking process. 

2. Viber

Viber is a great app for every traveller that allows you to send messages, make calls, send photos, audio messages or videos over the internet. It’s a low cost alternative to using your phone credit overseas and it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends at home for free. 

3. Tipulator

Tipulator is a fun and easy-to-use calculator that takes the guesswork out of tipping and bill splitting. Simply enter the bill amount and the percentage you want to tip as per the country custom and the app automatically calculates it. If you’re in a group just tap ‘Split Check’ and Tipulator will then split the tab evenly, so you never have to overpay on your order again. 

4. Wifi Finder

Overseas and on the hunt for a wifi hotspot? Desperately need to update your FB status? WiFi Finder uses your smartphone’s GPS to locate the closest hotspot, how to get there, and even compares wifi strength from locations near you.

5. Jetlag Genie

Need to beat jet lag and be on top of your game when traveling? Simply enter your travel dates, destination and your usual sleeping times and Jetlag Genie will use personalized alarm clocks that allegedly help reset your body clock. 

6. Airbnb

With over 1,000,000 unique local hosts in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb’s diverse accommodation options range from castles, apartments, houses, condominiums, cottages or rooms to suit just about anyone’s budget. 

7. Tripcase

TripCase gives you a single place to manage and organize your trips. Connected to airlines, hotels and travel companies, TripCase is an itinerary management app that culls and collates travel confirmations into a clear overview of your trip with flight details, hotel addresses, car rental reservation numbers and more. It also delivers up-to-date booking changes direct to your smartphone.

8. Google Translate

Not fluent with the local lingo? Google’s Translate app allows you to interpret languages overseas in real-time. This app detects and translates languages being spoken and the new ‘Word Lens’ function uses your device's camera to translate signs and text into your language. Helpful much! Google Translate can now interpret 36 languages, and Google says that they're working to expand to include many more soon. 

9. Veggaogogo

Vegetarian or vegan and finding it hard to locate a suitable restaurant or café? This vegetarian traveller translation app is translated into 50 languages allowing vegetarians to manage their dietary requirements with confidence anywhere in the world.

10. Journ

Journ is a travel management and sharing app. It logs events, places of interest and notes on anything, plus it tracks routes taken, as well as hikes, bike rides, and runs. It also shares socially via emails, postings and Picasa Web albums and archives to Evernote. Capture and share your next overseas trip with Journ! 

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