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5 smartphone apps for safer travel

5 smartphone apps for safer travel

Technology is the traveller’s friend. It used to be that you could find yourself hopelessly lost in a foreign city; now it’s simple as using GPS to identify your location and give you a step-by-step guide to where you need to go.

But, more than that, when loaded with the right apps, your smartphone can act as your own personal tour guide, saving you time and money – and getting you out of some tricky situations. Here are some of the best apps to ensure you travel safer on your next holiday overseas.

Get yourself to the nearest ATM

Imagine this – you’re in a remote part of an unfamiliar country and you run out of cash. Chances are, there’s an ATM not too far away – you just need to find it.

With an app such as PinPin ATM Finder, you’ll be able to navigate your way to the nearest cash machine in more than 220 countries. As long as you’ve got money in your account, you should be just fine.

Available for Windows Phone

Rate the safety of the neighbourhood you’re in

A lack of local knowledge can sometimes mean you find yourself in areas that may not be safe for tourists. The Safety Map Worldwide app promises to assess the level of safety of “any place on the planet”.

Using user ratings and reviews, the app provides a five scale safety rating and even provides handy alerts when you stray into a high crime area.

Available for iPhone

Let family and friends know where you are

Travelling alone or farewelling young ones heading off abroad? Consider downloading bSafe, which allows the traveller to set up a personal network of family and friends and send notifications of their whereabouts using a GPS-enabled system.

You can even send an SOS alarm to your network if you find yourself in trouble.

Available for Android or iPhone

Learn to speak the local language

It won’t make you fluent in Francaise or Espanol, but TripLingo will give you some key phrases to use in an emergency. Whether it’s “Where is the nearest hospital?” or “I have been robbed”, you’ll be able to get your message across more effectively than if you’re relying on your high-school French.

The app has more than 2000 phrases in 13 different languages, plus a handy feature that instantly translates your voice. If necessary, you can also access a live human translator (for an additional per minute fee).

Available for iPhone and Android

Have help at hand 

If you are road tripping around Australia, the my nrma app is an indispensable piece of kit to help keep you safe. You can order roadside assistance from the palm of your hand and watch...

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