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Travelling solo

Travelling solo

Solo travellers are one of the biggest travel trends for 2018.

Research from found that one in four Aussies planned to travel solo for the first time in 2017, and destinations ideal for going it alone are booming.

Alone but not lonely

This huge growth in singles holidays is changing the face of solo travel.

Gone are the days of single room supplements, where hotel rooms and cruise cabins could cost up to double.

Or the daunting prospect of group tours, surrounded by couples and families.

Increasingly, there are lots of ways to travel independently with like-minded explorers.

Woman sightseeing on holiday

Single travel agencies

There are several Australian, specialist, travel agencies for solo and singles.

Singles holidays, cruises for singles, adventure travel for single people, singles accommodation, and singles groups are just some of the options available.

There are also all women and mixed groups on offer.

Better together

These boutique agencies can organise small, selected, group tours, which offer safety and security, especially for women travelling alone, and the chance to make new friends.

Or they can get great solo deals, for those who want do their own thing, while minimising single supplement costs - so you can spend your holiday budget on fun.

Below are four Australian travel agencies that cater for the solo traveller:

Having Travel Insurance is arguably even more important if you are travelling independently. Remember to buy yours at the same time you book your trip.

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Solo adventurers

If you’re up for adventure but want to share the experience, then going with a group can be ideal.

According to adventure travel company, Intrepid, over 50% of their travellers trips are travelling solo and taking advantage of having local guides and tried, trusted and affordable activities and accommodation along the way.

But if you prefer to only travel with fellow singles, they even have solo only trips to Mexico, Peru and Vietnam.

It’s all the flexibility and freedom of independent travel, but without the risks.

Intrepid also has tips, traveller blogs and safety guides for solo travellers on their website.

Independent insiders

Describing itself as the, “original travel company for the young, wild and free”, Contiki has offered group travel across the globe for 18-35 year old’s for over half a century.

Now the company offers “re-imagined group travel”, for those who like the idea of travelling with others but want to stay in control of where, when and what they do.

Travellers who don’t want to be steered by itineraries, wake-up calls or group sightseeing.

Woman sitting admiring temples.

Real time travel buddies

Travelling alone but want to meet people on the journey?

SoloTraveller is a social travel app, which instantly connects the travellers near you.

An easy to use social platform to discover nearby backpacking places and travel buddies in real time. Use the app if you want to meet locals, go sightseeing or even to just share a taxi.

Not only is SoloTraveller great for backpackers and solo travel, but also a complete travellers community, which is a useful tool for people who normally wouldn't feel comfortable travelling alone.

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