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What are the hot travel trends for Aussies?

What are the hot travel trends for Aussies?

Aussies’ adventurous spirit and love of travel is known throughout the world, and we’re continuing to head overseas in record numbers. But where are we choosing to holiday, how much is it costing, and what are the hot travel trends? Read on to find out.

Our favourite places

According to Tourism Research Australia nearly 5.5 million of us holidayed overseas last year, and Indonesia, USA, Thailand, UK, Singapore and China are our top spots, but New Zealand remains the number one destination for outbound Aussies. 

Aussies prefer longer breaks, with a holiday closer to home averaging 14 days, while European and USA trips tend to last up to a month or more. The top travelling age groups are 50-54 (9.4%), 30-34 (9.3%) and 25-29 (9.1%).

What we’re spending

Visa International’s 2013 Global Intentions Survey found that Australian travellers are among the top spenders on the global stage, coming in second place after Saudi Arabia, with average travel budgets of $4200 – that’s a huge $23 billion, and that’s projected to rise 9% in 2016.

Of that, on average, we spend 30% on retail buying, 24% on dining, 21% on activities, 9% on accommodation, 7% on local transport, and just 5% on airfares – which perhaps shows how important bargain air fares are in the holiday cost equation.

What’s trending?

Claudia Rossi, principle of Sydney based luxury travel consultants Mary Rossi Travel, says that among her clients, Iceland is currently hot as a popular northern hemisphere summer destination and says the media coverage during the 2010 volcanic eruption drew a lot of attention and curiosity.

“Iceland’s scenic and pristine environment and the fact that it’s just about as far north as you can go, makes it very popular with young people, particularly honeymooners who are seeking unique, active, and memorable outdoor holiday experiences,” says Ms. Rossi.

High-end travel agents Virtuoso travel say interest in ‘glamour tourism’ is seeing a resurgence in jet set destinations like the French Riviera, Capri and Rome, with the Swiss, Italian and French Alps also on the rise.

More travel is forecast

Despite a weak global economy, Visa’s study reports that global travel continues to grow and with this comes an increased willingness to spend. And we are spending in new ways according to an article on the Tourism Australia website.

Australians are increasingly shelling out to do gourmet travel, travel for sporting events such as the Olympics and Rugby and Soccer World Cups, and to stay in bespoke hotels and super luxury resorts.

Whatever your travel plans for 2016 make sure you have adequate travel insurance so you can have a stress free trip.

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