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NRMA Insurance: How our Policies Help Protect You and Your Assets

26 October 2021

NRMA Insurance: How our Policies Help Protect You and Your Assets

Explore our cover options today.

With insurance for your home, car, business, travel and much more, we know how to protect what matters to you most. NRMA operates across Australia, including SA, WA, QLD, NSW, TAS, ACT and NT. Explore our range of insurance policies below to help you get covered today.

Insurance for your home

Home Building and Contents Insurance covers your precious belongings and the cost to repair or rebuild your home up to the insured amount if it’s damaged by a covered event.

Contents Insurance is great for both renters and owners. It covers the belongings in your home from things like fire, vandalism and theft even if you forget to lock up.

Building Insurance covers your buildings and fixtures from damage caused by fire, water, oil leaks and more.

Single Item Insurance is controlled cover for the selected items you want to protect. These could be things in your home like your phone, laptop, TV and jewellery.

Landlord Insurance is for your rental property to cover things like theft, vandalism, fire damage and more.

Holiday Rental Insurance is for those renting their home out through websites like Airbnb or Stayz. 

Insurance for your car

CTP Green Slip Insurance covers you and anyone who’s injured if you cause an accident on the road. Depending on what state you're from, CTP terms and conditions can change. For example, in NSW and QLD, you need to purchase a CTP green slip before registering your car. While in SA and WA, CTP is included in your registration. 

A Compulsory Third Party (CTP) is a must-have for Australian drivers. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance is our most popular cover. It protects your car from accident damage, theft, severe weather, and more.

Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance covers your car if it's stolen or catches fire and covers other people’s cars and property if you cause an accident.

Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance is the most basic and affordable car insurance you can get for when things go wrong.

Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Insurance offers total protection for your pride and joy.

Insurance for your motorcycle and scooter

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance  and Comprehensive Scooter Insurance provides you with cover for your motorcycle against accidental damage, collision or crash, earthquake, explosion, fire, flood, storm, theft or attempted theft, tsunami, vandalism or a malicious act

Third Party Property Damage Motorcycle Insurance and Third Party Property Damage Scooter Insurance covers you for damage you may cause to someone else’s property in an accident. It also covers damage to your motorcycle up to $5,000 caused by an uninsured at-fault driver.

Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Insurance covers veteran motorcycles made before 1919, vintage motorcycles made between 1919 and 1930, and classic motorcycles that are at least 15 years old (and need to be recognised by us to be covered).

Insurance for your caravan, boat or trailer

On-site Caravan Insurance, Touring Caravan Insurance and Trailer Insurance cover your caravan or trailer from things like theft, vandalism, fire, storm and more.

Boat Insurance offers protection on and off the water. It includes cover for loss or damage caused by accidental damage, up to your agreed value.

Insurance for your business

Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business if it’s shown your negligence led to someone being injured or having their property damaged.

Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect you from some unique risks your business faces when giving advice or providing a service.

Farm Insurance can help cover hobby or rural farmland for things like fire, burglary and more.

Whether you’re a mechanic, auto electrician or motor vehicle detailer, our Motor Trades Insurance has the coverage to protect your business.

Insurance for travel

Our International Travel Insurance plans give you a choice of cover for overseas medical expenses, cancellations, rental car insurance excess, luggage, and more.

Our Domestic Travel Insurance policies include Domestic Comprehensive and Domestic Cancellation plans. We offer cover if you’re travelling more than 250km from home and something unexpected (like you suddenly get very sick) means you need to rearrange or cancel your trip.
Our annual multi-trip plans give you the flexibility to travel without the need to take a new policy for every trip. Whether you’re planning just one trip this year or several, we have a travel insurance plan to suit your needs.


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