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Sneak peek inside the best luxury caravans

Sneak peek inside the best luxury caravans

When most of us think of a caravan holiday, we think of a wholesome adventure on the open road, bouncing from place to place and going casual in holiday parks. Let’s be honest, the caravan was probably viewed as a step-up from a tent, but not as comfortable as an RV. But, get the picture of the humble caravan out of your head, because there is a category of caravans that are seriously luxurious.

While a new caravan generally costs $40,000 - $70,000, some are so glamorous they cost more to buy than a house (maybe not quite a house in Sydney). These premium trailers are designed to be able to take all the creature comforts of an apartment on the road with you.

For some, a premium caravan means leather upholstered interior, designer lights and premium appliances. For others, it’s tough all terrain tyres with off-road capabilities and a water tank holding hundreds of litres that means you can live off the grid. Whatever ‘luxury’ means to you, there’s a home on wheels to suit your taste.

The ‘Trooper’ by Australian company Lotus Caravans is the brand’s signature off-road luxury model and it’s made for the unforgiving Aussie outback. Features like the premium dust reduction system, industry leading suspension and capacity to hold 240 litres of water make the harsh Australian bush seem a little less daunting.

Inside, the Trooper has an ergonomic floor plan that can be tailored for each owner to suit their bespoke needs. No house is furnished exactly the same and there’s no reason for your home on wheels to be either. Love to entertain? Add a larger dining table. Want to bring the kids? Switch it out for some bunk beds. Luxury equals customisation and really the options are endless. Countertops and tables all use premium timbers and sinks and fixtures are available in chic matte black finishes.

For those that find the narrowness of caravans a little claustrophobic, some other models have ‘slide-out’ sections where the caravan width can increase to give more space in areas such as the living room or bedroom. And if you think the name Lotus sounds familiar, it could be because they recently loaned one to actor Zac Efron when he was in Byron Bay. If it’s good enough for Efron, it may just be good enough for your dream caravan adventures.

If you’re after a van with the absolute latest technology, there’s Kimberley Kruiser which appears more spaceship than caravan. Also suitable for off-road adventures, this caravan has a sleek design with lightweight considerations such as lithium battery technology and timber-free construction. Having a lighter load to tow means you can save money in fuel, which you might need to do with a price tag starting at $170,000.

But can you really put a price on comfort? This caravan comes with a full sized queen island bed (fitted with a premium memory foam mattress) and with underbed drawers and a spacious, clear void above. Wherever you pull up you can crank the super quiet reverse cycle air conditioner that runs on batteries from the inverter and are replenished by solar. It even comes equipped with a satellite connection so you don’t have to worry about falling behind in the latest series of The Bachelor while on your outback getaway.

Caravans like these are the perfect retreat after a day exploring. But, let’s be honest, when it’s so comfortable inside, you might even choose to have a staycation in your backyard. This new class of luxury caravan is more popular than ever as Australians are travelling across the country by road.  These vans allow even those with the most discerning taste to take their creature comforts with them. Don’t forget to take out caravan insurance, whether you are leaving it on-site or taking it on the open road.

And while there are large upfront costs with acquiring vans like these, they are absolutely gorgeous and will require very little ongoing maintenance for their first 10, maybe 20 years. They also have excellent resale value and with a country as scenic as ours, there will always be people wanting to travel by road and sleep wherever the mood takes them.

Once you experience a night or even a week in one of these glamorous caravans there’s no going back. A hotel will never live up to your expectations again.

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